Information About The Main Types of Hair Loss Treatments

Types of Hair Loss Treatments

If you are bald it is because your hormones and genetic traits are configured in a way that makes you lose your hair. DHT, or “dihydrotestosterone sensitivity” occurs in the scalp causing inflammation, irritation, and sometimes can even be painful on the scalp. In order to stop balding, you have to control DHT.

Regardless of the hair treatment, you are on, Nizoral shampoo is an important inclusion to your hair treatment method. It is the only shampoo of its kind that can control both inflammation and hormone changes to the scalp. Although Nizoral is marketed as an anti-dandruff shampoo its effects on your hair go well beyond dandruff and extend to preventing hair loss. Use Nizoral once every three days with your other reliable hair loss treatment. Gently massage onto your scalp and let it soak for the extent of your shower. No reliable hair loss treatment will work without Nizoral.

Types of Hair Loss Treatments

Usually, doctors will only tell you about Propecia and Rogaine. Even though there are plenty of other potentially great treatments for you available to supplement these products with, the medical community relies solely on Propecia and Rogaine to stop hair loss.

In fact, there are four different Types of Hair Loss Treatments available to help treat hair loss.

DHT Inhibitors – As mentioned before fighting DHT is essential in stopping hair loss. These inhibitors will lower the levels of DHT in the scalp by limiting DHT production. This gives your follicles relief from the severe damage DHT can do to the scalp. DHT inhibitors are considered essential to any hair loss prevention treatment and can be found in products such as Propecia and Revivogen.

Growth Stimulants – Using growth stimulants is a two-edged sword because stimulants can help increase hair growth but they will do nothing to prevent further hair loss. A lot of men will combine growth stimulants such as Tricomin and Rogaine Foam with a DHT inhibitor. This method will stop hair loss (DHT inhibitor) and increase hair growth (growth stimulant).

Antiandrogens – Antiandrogens block DHT from even reaching the hair follicle. This allows men to cheat the hormonal system by avoiding the side effects that come with lowered levels of DHT. This stops the hormonal process that aids hair loss, to begin with. Topical Spironolactone Lotion, otherwise known as S5 cream, is the most popular antiandrogen. It is not uncommon for men who are seeking a long-term solution to hair loss to combine a DHT inhibitor, with a growth stimulant along with an antiandrogen to their hair treatment regimen.

Anti-Inflammatory agents – As the name suggests an anti-inflammatory agent works to reduce inflammation in the scalp. As well as other side effects which are caused by the hormonal changes going on in your scalp; effects such as redness, itchiness, and flaking. Not using an anti-inflammatory agent with your treatments makes them null and void because no treatment will work without it. The best anti-inflammatory agent available on the market is Nizoral Shampoo.

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