Initial Symptoms of Pregnancy

Initial Symptoms of Pregnancy

The initial symptoms of pregnancy are widely known to all women. However, being able to recognize these signs and symptoms of pregnancy is very important too. Sometimes, it is possible for many women to confuse these symptoms as an upcoming period or just another phase of PMS. However, there is a difference between both.

Here are some of the initial symptoms of pregnancy that can help you understand pregnancy much before you take a pregnancy test at home:

Missed Period: Most women consider this as a sure shot initial sign of pregnancy. When the egg gets fertilized, it moves through the fallopian tubes and makes its way to the lining of the uterine wall. Once it reaches here, it attaches itself to this lining, and the formation of placenta commences. Once the egg attaches itself to the uterine lining, pregnancy hormones trigger into the body. These hormones merely tell the body to have no more periods.

Nausea: This symptom of pregnancy can be among the list of your least favorites. In the first trimester of your pregnancy, a lot of rises and even more growth of your hormones will take place. These hormones can cause you to feel nauseous all the time. Pregnancy is not the only reason that may make you feel nauseous, and there are a lot of other reasons that may make you feel this way, such as food poisoning.

Changes In Your Sense Of Taste: If you figure that all of a sudden you are disgusted by the taste of things that you otherwise love, you might as well think that you may be pregnant. It is one of the initial signs of pregnancy that may seem to be strange, but it happens to quite a few pregnant women. You may begin disliking your favorite things or may even find a metallic taste in certain foods. This change in your sense of taste is known as 'dysguesia.' In your earliest stage, you may even find a lot of food tasting bitter to your tongue. During pregnancy, your olfactory senses are at an all-time high! It causes this weird sign in the initial period of your pregnancy.

Implantation Bleeding: This term only states that you may see some little spotting on your panties. After fertilization takes place, the egg makes its way towards the uterus where it tries to implant itself. This bleeding may start approximately 4-8 days before your periods are due. You may think that your terms have started early this month, but that may not be the case! The bleeding that happens, in this case, can last anywhere between 2 to 12 days. The flow of the blood is not as heavy as your reasonable period, and you may even realize that the color of the blood is entirely different. Instead of being bright red, the color would be deep brown or a light pink.

Frequent Urination: When you begin visiting the toilet more often than usual, you may suspect pregnancy. It is a universal sign of pregnancy and is also one of the first ones. It usually occurs between the sixth and the eighth weeks of your pregnancy and can go on increasing as your pregnancy keeps progressing. When you are pregnant, the uterus acts as a home to your baby. As the baby grows in its size, pressure starts building up on your bladder, and this can make you pee often. If you are pregnant and you face frequent urination, make sure that each time you visit the bathroom, you empty your bladder altogether to avoid making another visit to the toilet very shortly.

These symptoms mentioned above are the most common initial symptoms of pregnancy. If you face any one of these symptoms, you may not be pregnant, but the reason may be something else. However, if you meet all of these or more than one of this, you may already be pregnant. Start celebrating! Good luck!

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