Is It Just Puberty Causing Teen Female Hair Loss?

Teen Female Hair Loss

Teens beware! Studies have shown an increasingly alarming rise in teen female hair loss. Female teens thirteen and older have complained of finding hair on their pillow, in their hairbrush, and in the bath.

A fungus may cause a condition called scalp ringworm and is contagious. Teen girls who often borrow or use the hairbrush of others are putting themselves at risk of this condition.

Hair growth is sensitive and can be affected by many things. One of the major causes of teen female hair loss can be attributed to changing hormones. With the changing of hormones during puberty the risk becomes greater that teen girls could see possible female hair loss.

Changing hormones is not the only cause of Teen Female Hair Loss. With puberty and the sexually active teen increase also comes the rise in teen use of birth control pills. Birth control pills work because they change the hormone levels of the body to help control the normal cycle of menstruation. This change of hormone levels also risks the sensitive hair follicles which control hair growth.

Extreme dieting, anorexia or bulimia will add to the risk. Teen females who constantly watch their weight and cause unnatural reactions to the body’s need for food to rebuild itself cause the body to seek the nourishment in another form when food is denied. The body will seek the energy and vitamins that it needs for major functions by drawing from body functions that are not life-threatening. Girls! This means that if you don’t feed your body, it will take the nourishment from hair, nails and even teeth as these are not life-threatening if lost.

Medications can be the cause of teen female hair loss and this is also true for teen girls, not only with birth control but also acne medicines, vaccinations, antidepressants and many other drugs. Even everyday drugs can be the cause of hair loss such as Ibuprofen for headaches.

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