What Kind of Sports & Exercise During Pregnancy

Recommendations for various sports & exercise during pregnancy:

Walking: Generally recommended before, during and after pregnancy. To start with, go for a 16 or 17 minutes mile then adjust the speed according to comfort levels.

Jogging: If already a regular jogger, then this can normally be continued for a while so long as it remains comfortable. Take on plenty of water and do not overheat. Concentrate on not falling over.

Golf: Normally no problems to continue, however, balance can become a problem later in the pregnancy.

Horseback riding: The risk of falling and too much jolting of the abdomen puts this into the unsafe category.

Climbing/Hiking: Generally OK, but not at elevated heights of over 3000 Metres due to the reduced oxygen available.

Swimming: Generally recommended. Good exercise for the large and small muscle groups. Good for heart conditioning. Gentle on joints and ligaments. Driving should be avoided.

Tennis: If one already practices tennis, then a reduced paced game should be alright to continue. Beware of change in balance. Do not stretch the extra for that match-winning ball.

Skiing, Snowboarding, etc.: Not advised. High risk of falling makes these activities dangerous.

Aerobics: Generally recommended if the low-impact version is followed. Water aerobics is a very good conditioning method to use during pregnancy.

Badminton: Generally OK during the early stages of pregnancy.

Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, etc.: No

Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, etc.: No

Sex: Refer to this article

Yoga: Gentle regimes are very good at toning strengthening the body.

Gymnastics, Trampolining, etc.: Generally not recommended during pregnancy, especially not competitively. High risk of falling.

Scuba diving: No. Very dangerous for the baby.

Fishing: Fine to continue fishing, but this is not going to improve conditioning very much (unless there is a good long walk to get there). Take plenty of water and food along if sitting on the river bank for hours on end.

Cycling: Generally OK to continue when pregnant. Check with your doctor if you have any pelvic problems.

Dancing: Generally good exercise. Take care not to fall or participate in too energetic/jerky a dance style.

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