Knowing about Cryotherapy for Genital Warts

Cryotherapy for Genital Warts

Cryotherapy for genital warts includes the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal growths. It is used to treat several skin disorders like moles, warts, solar keratoses, and skin tags. It is one of the most effective treatment methods for genital warts. It can only be performed at a doctor’s office. Even though you can obtain the needed chemicals to freeze your genital warts right at your home, it is strongly recommended that you let a medical practitioner do it. Cryotherapy can be very excruciating and dangerous if it is performed in the wrong way.

Liquid nitrogen is the main chemical used in Cryotherapy for Genital Warts. It is used to freeze warts at the cellular level. The supercooled liquid is sprayed on the genital wart. A blister then forms around it. After several days, the skin heals. The genital wart and the blister fall off. It often takes several cryotherapy sessions before the warts are eliminated. Aside from its efficacy, this treatment method is used because it is minimally-invasive. Moreover, it only has a few relatively harmless side effects such as mild skin irritation and scarring. The only concern is that the nearby healthy areas may get damaged.

Aside from liquid nitrogen, interferon may also be used to freeze genital warts. Interferon, which is an anti-viral drug, is directly injected into warts. This method is only used in the more severe cases. It is a procedure more expensive than that which uses liquid nitrogen. It is also complicated so it must be performed by a doctor. Interferon becomes the chemical of choice when genital warts continue to resurface after successful treatment. Like liquid nitrogen, it will eliminate genital warts, but it still can’t be promised that they won’t reappear anymore.

In general, patients who undergo cryotherapy experience little to moderate pain and redness in the local area. This can be eased through the oral intake of an analgesic like ibuprofen or aspirin as well as the application of a topical steroid cream. Furthermore, blisters may develop, but these usually become scabs over time and peel away.

If you have genital warts and are thinking having treatment done to eliminate them, regularly bear in mind that human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus that affects them, is incurable. HPV can lie dormant in our body for a long time without presenting any indications. Cryotherapy will not remove the virus; it simply gets rid of the external genital warts. Thus, you may experience the resurfacing of genital warts in expectation from time to time. Moreover, if you have had genital warts, it automatically means that you are carrying HPV and you can pass it on to your sexual spouse. What’s worse is that in women, some strains of HPV that can cause genital warts may cause cervical cancer.

Cryotherapy for Genital Warts has been proving effective in getting rid of genital warts. However, if this method does not work for you, consult your doctor whether you have to undergo another process. Depending on the area, number, and size of your genital warts, cryotherapy may or may not be the best treatment for you.

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