Knowing About Dentist

Knowing About Dentist

Knowing About Dentist - All of us of aware of the beauty of our face and it lies mainly in the smile we give when we meet others. If the teeth are in bad condition we won’t be receptive to our guests and relatives when we meet them. The dentist is the correct person who corrects our problem and becomes responsible for our teeth. He/She is well known among the people and each and everybody visits him once in a while just to check the condition of the teeth and if necessary take treatment.

The dentist explains to his patients how to keep the teeth clean from plaque and cavities which are the basic problems in all people. During the visit to the dentist, he examines all the teeth and finds out if there is any filling to be done for the damaged tooth and the condition of the gums. Usually, gum receding is a major problem for many patients. He explains clearly what is wrong with them and how to overcome the problem.

The dentist has a dental chair which is more convenient for him to examine the patient either in the sitting or in the lying down position by simply touching a button. For some procedure, the dentist feels comfortable if the patient lies down and for some procedures he wants the patient to sit down. This chair has everything attached to it like X-ray machine, suction tube to suck water from the mouth after washing, water sprayer to spray water when needed and electric driller and filler to drill the cavity and fill it with the alloy All these come with the chair and so without moving the patient or, moving himself he does all the work in one go with the help of an assistant.

The other instruments he has are ultrasonic devices to polish the teeth, instruments to pluck the teeth and some medicines and syringes to give local anesthesia if needed. Root filling is a hard process of filling. The cavity goes deep inside the root and so it has to be drilled to the root bottom and some implant is placed inside to strengthen the root and then the filling is done. Other instruments he possesses are to make artificial denture and braces to correct the alignment of the teeth.

A dentist needs to study for four years like the doctors and then he can specialize in one interesting topic as correction of teeth alignment, child dentist, filling specialist, an orthodontist who does the operation in the jaw bones if it gets fractured due to some accident. The dentist needs to wear gloves and masks to protect him.

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