Knowing about Pregnancy Symptoms at 7th Weeks

Pregnancy Symptoms at 7th Weeks

The pregnancy symptoms at 7th weeks will be quite similar to what you have been having till now. The only difference may be in the intensity. There are some signs and symptoms in the 7th week of your pregnancy that might merely leave you astonished.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms at 7th weeks

Fatigue: You are quite tired all through the first six weeks of your pregnancy, but even as you proceed into the 7th week of your pregnancy, fatigue will not leave you alone. Your body is merely undergoing so much. Changes in your physical appearance, changes in your emotional stability (thanks to those hormones!) and yes, the new baby that you are harvesting! All of this is bound to have effects on you; you are bound to be tired! To help yourself feel a little better, divide your meals smartly. Don't focus on having big meals; instead, have smaller meals in your day. Try to have these small meals at least six times a day. Just be sure to have healthy foods.

Frequent Urination: You might already be sick of spending so much time in the bathroom, both, for your nauseous feeling and your undying urge to urinate! But this travel session is not going to end just yet, even in week 7th! The good news here is, it is a great time for having sex as the amount of blood that is flowing to your pelvic region has increased! Yes, we know that your urge to pee is high, but that does not mean that you reduce the number of fluids you drink! Drink well so that you can keep your body well hydrated. If you do wish to cut back on some of your fluid intakes, cut back on diuretics such as coffee and tea.

Food Cravings: While we all know that sushi is not suitable for your unborn baby, there are some food cravings that you will have in your 7th week that you just cannot avoid! We can even understand if you sneak into the refrigerator every night to quietly eat the same thing again! You are pregnant and in week 7, enjoy the cravings! However, if you feel that you are depriving your baby of the essential nutrients it requires, just be sure to include other healthy things in your diet too!

Constipation: If you feel jammed up, fear not, you are not the only one. Pregnancy can certainly make you feel constipated. The hormones that are running a marathon in your body, make your entire body switch onto a relax mode (so the fatigue!). The relaxation can go to such an extent that even your bowels are now relaxing so well that they don't mind storing the excess inside for just a little bit longer. It could be a very odd feeling but that's ok, your baby has more nutrition to binge upon. If you desire to feel a little more comfortable, how about having a serving of curd every day? There are some that are available with active bacteria in them. These are probiotics and are made up of friendly bacteria. These bacteria will ease the task of digestion in your relaxed body.

Salivation: By now, you have already been sluggish enough, but your constant salivation may just add to that green about the gills feeling. By the time you've done your first trimester, this uneasy salivating feeling will pass. Drink lots of fluids and increase your water intake. Another option is to chew on to some gum, preferably sugar-free.

The pregnancy symptoms at 7th weeks can be nice and comfortable, and some may just be uncomfortable. But don't worry most of these will fade away as you go closer to labor. Pregnancy is a great time, and this symptoms and signs just add to its tubbiness. Enjoy this term of your pregnancy as very soon, and you are going to be a mother!

Congratulations! Good Luck!

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