Knowing About The Exact Causes of Acne

Nobody till today has discovered the exact causes of acne. Scientists and medical experts state that several factors lead to acne. Some of the factors that cause acne are hormone levels, heredity factors, invariably poor maintenance of skin and many other external factors. A hormone known as androgen rises both in boys and girls during puberty and thus gives rise to acne. The sebaceous glands in our body enlarge and thus secrete more sebum and cause of acne. Recent studies have revealed that most of the school-going children who had developed acne have a family history of this disease.

Most of the woman and girls develop acne two to three days before their menstrual cycle. Some of the women who are already suffering from acne worsen the outlook of their pimples two to seven days before their menstrual cycle.

During the pregnancy cycle some woman develop acne or some woman develop this discomfort immediately after stopping the intake of birth control pills. Emotional factors like stress and tension leads to acne.

The consumption of certain drugs like androgens, lithium, barbiturates, cause acne. Now-a-days woman and teenagers frequently use cosmetics and this makes the skin greasy. The cosmetics literally stick to the skin and thus the smooth texture of the skin is lost.

A woman who is already suffering from acne can still make their skin become worse. Some of them harshly rub the skin, try to squeeze the scars, apply cream frequently and thus worsen the acne.

Dietary habits and foods also cause acne. Most of the people believe that oily food items and chocolates cause acne. But recently the researchers have proved that these foods do not cause much effect to the acne formation. It is not true that dirty skin causes acne as most of the people believe it that way.

Most of the scientists have stated that the problem of acne cannot be completely eradicated, but an individual can avail treatment.

Anyhow, everybody should remember that a person is not committing a mistake if acne occurs to him. If the children are developing acne, the parents blame the child for not maintaining the skin properly.

If you are about to start the problem of acne, then the symptoms will be easily noticeable by you. Blemish occurs on your skin 2 to 3 weeks before it appears on your skin. Pores are the tiny holes present in your skin. Sebaceous glands that are present beneath the hair follicles produce oil into the skin. In this way, the old cells die and the new skins regenerate itself. When the old cells are shedding off, they may shed evenly or may shed off unevenly. When they shed off unevenly, they become sticky and hence form in the shape of a tiny cork. This cork-shaped acne is filled with oil and bacteria inside.

Hence is caused by many factors that are even uncontrollable. Shedding of the skin takes place to renew the new skin. The shedding takes place evenly or unevenly, and you just can’t just help it. The rate of sebum production also influences your hormone balance. Why some people produce excess sebum and some produce less? This question has not been answered by anybody yet.

If you are sure that you will develop acne just because your elders in the family are already attacked by this discomfort, then you can take some preventive measures. You cannot, Of course, prevent acne but you can wisely think of the right treatment. If you understand the main causes of acne, you can begin the treatment as soon as possible and develop a smooth skin texture as fast as possible.

There are five main factors which contribute to causes of acne:

  1. Hormones. At the time of puberty, a hormone known as androgen causes the sebaceous glands to enlarge and hence secrete excess oil. The young girls or boys notice some unusual symptoms before puberty. The parents of the teenagers must advise them to take care of the skin before they enter into puberty stage. It is the role of the parents to take care of the children during this period.
  2. Extra sebum. The extra sebum mixes with the dead skin cells or bacteria when it moves towards the hair follicles. This process is very natural, but if the sebum is produced excessively, then it results in acne.
  3. Follicle: In the normal process, the follicle shed all the old skin cells to renew the new skin. In some persons, the sebaceous glands are overactive and hence cells cannot shed unevenly. The cells shed faster and hence produce more and more sebum. The young girl and boy must take more care of the skin if she or he has the family history of oily skin.
  4. Bacteria: Normally, bacteria are present in the skin. They are useful because they maintain the sebum in the body. But, when the hair follicles are plugged, the bacteria multiplies and thus cause chemical reactions. In this way, inflammation is caused to the skin and acne scars appear.
  5. Inflammation: if the unwanted bacteria grow, it creates chemical reactions to the skin and thereby cause inflammation. This process is known as chemotaxis. Due to the inflammation, the scars appear on the skin that are red and swollen. It causes pain to the person.

A person suffering from acne should know the type of discomfort she is suffering from. There are many types of acne and the treatment of acne also differs. Some of them face severe skin problems and some of them face it mildly.

The scientists of Course, are conducting deep research about the exact causes of acne. They are carefully observing when the symptoms begin with a woman. Some say that some woman face the symptoms exactly two to three days before the menstrual cycle. They are finding out the type of pills that drastically cause this problem.

Every man and woman, boy or girl craves to look good and be appreciated by people around them. Some people are actually pretty, but the spots of acne on their face change their look. Everyone in the world would be wonder-struck if they are totally able to prevent acne.

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