Knowing Cures for Halitosis

Cures for Halitosis

Cures for Halitosis - As with most ailments prevention, a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet are the only guarantees to keep halitosis in check. Measures should be taken to control and reduce the overgrowth of sulfur-producing bacteria in the mouth and maintain oral moisture. Brushing your teeth and rinsing after every meal and keeping the teeth clean of food particles by flossing, cleaning between teeth and hard to reach places using special brushes should be a part of your regular routine oral hygiene.

Cleaning the tongue is another beneficial way to cure bad breath as most odor-causing bacteria is found in the posterior portion of the tongue. There are many ways to clean your tongue with the goal being to reach up to the rear of the tongue and scrape out as much as the residue as possible. A convenient method is to use your toothbrush and clean stroking from back to front exerting the right amount of pressure. It is normal to gag while attempting to clean your tongue. Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner is more effective with less of a gag reflex.

Always keep your mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of water often and swooshing it around in the mouth. Chewing sugarless gum or hard candy keeps the saliva flowing. Avoid mouthwashes, breath mints and things that contain alcohol as they only mask the breath temporarily and create more problems by drying out the mouth and harboring odor causing anaerobic bacteria.

Include a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid high protein foods like cheese and meats. Also avoid consumption of sweets, caffeine, and alcohol which dry the mouth and/or leave sticky residue for bacteria to feed on.

Regularly schedule visits to the dentist to clean all the hard to reach surfaces, tooth pockets which trap food and form plaque in case of gum disease and correct any faulty dental appliances or procedures.

If you are a smoker quitting would do a great deal towards controlling your bad breath as smoking dries up your mouth, stains your teeth, deposits tar on your tongue and cheeks.

Home Cures for Halitosis

Avocado works internally in the intestine removing stale food and debris preventing putrefaction.

Parsley works better than any store-bought mouthwash as it is devoid of any of the drying agents present in the commercial mouthwashes. Steep parsley in two cups of boiling water, add a couple of ground cloves in the mixture stirring occasionally. Cool the mixture and use as a gargle several times a day.

Raw juices should be liberally consumed by those suffering from halitosis. Any choice of fruit and vegetables are beneficial, with green vegetables being the most beneficial of all.

Guava has excellent benefits for teeth and gums when chewed, the tender leaves of guava also used to stop bleeding in gums. It has many necessary nutrients like calcium, manganese, oxalate and tannic, malic, oxalic and phosphoric acids.

Fenugreek is most effective in correcting the condition of bad breath. Use fenugreek seeds in preparing this tea by simmering a teaspoonful of seeds in half a liter of water. Strain and drink as a tea to Cures for Halitosis.

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