Knowing your Girlfriend Guide to Pregnancy Book By Vicki Lovine

Girlfriend Guide to Pregnancy - A pregnant woman obviously would like to know more about what pregnancy is and how he can cope with the labor. The book ’10 Greatest Lies about pregnancy is one of the most read books that ends with postpartum dementia. Vicki Lovine’s Girlfriends’ Guide to pregnancy has today become the favorite book of every American pregnant woman. she has explained many common concepts about pregnancy in a very interesting way. She has explained many issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, sex and even about cesarean delivery.

She has delivered six children in four years and none of them are twins. As she has given birth to six children she has gained great experience and was able to convert her experience into a script. The book does not contain any philosophical concepts nor does relate to any cultural issue. She has just explained her few hilarious moments and has mentioned to the readers some of the important tips about pregnancy.

About the book

The book is extremely useful to the woman who shall be mothers for the first time. It is a very fruitful guide to the woman who are pregnant for the first time because they have not experienced anything like this before. Even the doctors were very impressed with her writing. Most of the doctors said that she has explained many concepts in the book in a very interesting way. They also said that they were really seeking for a such a book in order to give right advise to their patients. The woman can of course, learn many valuable things about pregnancy from their friends, but most of them do not have a friends circle today because of the busy environment. Therefore this book can act as their best to friend. They need not seek advise from anybody nor depend upon their friends for emotional support.

The most interesting fact about the book is that it provides a lot of emotional comfort for her during pregnancy. The writer has written the book with so much of devotion that a woman reading the book will experience relief. She has directly explained about the secret facts of book. The language of the book is neither very jargoning nor includes much scientific book. It a is a book that can receive high level of admiration from the readers.

Some of the valuable tips the woman can receive from the books are sex during and after pregnancy, physical exercises a woman must perform, stretch marks, delivery and the symptoms the woman undergoes such as sickness, swollen breasts, nausea etc. she has provided very valuable solutions to all the problems. The responses that she has provided to every question is really wise and witty. The book has been protected by copyrights by the Reed Business Information, Inc 1995.

About the author

so, every pregnant woman would like to know about the author who will be your best friend throughout your pregnancy. She is basically a writer, columnist, wife and a mother. she began her career of writing only after giving birth to her four children. This book ‘guide to pregnancy’ almost has changed the attitude of every pregnant woman. A woman will surely become optimistic during her pregnancy when she reads the pages of her book. Most of the pregnant woman fear pregnancy and treat labor as a traumatic activity of their life. But after reading the book you will enjoy the state of your pregnancy and experience the joy of becoming a mother. after gathering popularity for this book, she was invited to the famous ‘Oprah Wimprey Show’ and also was featured in popular magazines such as Today, The View etc.

the books that she has published are ‘Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy Daily Diary, The Girlfriends Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood and the The Girfriends; guide to Toddlers. She will be shortly completing the fifth book which relates to the mother’-to-be who are still in school.

Gaining life during pregnancy

Most of the woman who are petrified by the problems that they would face during pregnancy and childbirth really felt positive after reading the book. They thought that a woman who has undergone the process of childbirths six times is so optimistic and courageous, then why can’t they adopt the same nature. Most of the woman feel embarrassed to ask other woman about certain facts and issues, but they can find a solution to all the problems in the book.

Some of the facts that are mentioned in the book in a very simple and interesting manner are:

a. what happens to your body at the time of pregnancy: what exactly causes problems to your body such as morning sickness, vomiting, nausea, fatigue etc?. what are food items to be consumed and what are the items that should not be consumed? What physical changes does a woman undergo during pregnancy and what happens when a woman undergoes the stage of labor?

b. what are the common types of fears and Paranoia does a woman undergo ?

c. the different types of mood swings the woman undergoes? What makes the woman so irritable, distracted, depressed, tired or lightheaded.?

d. having sex during pregnancy. Is it fair for a woman to have sex during pregnancy. Will it work out to be fruitful for her in her later stage of her life? If she has sex during pregnancy, in the later part of her life can she retain the same interest?

e. she also writes about the beauty tips during pregnancy. As the woman shall be a mom in the future, what type of haircut she should adopt ?

f. if you think that you need some kind of humor to keep you relaxed then you can even go through the jokes that are mentioned in the book.

She has explained many other stuff about pregnancy that how can a woman ever suspect that she is pregnant. Usually, woman feel shocked the moment they realize that they are pregnant. They usually say ‘Oh, my God, that is why I feel so uncomfortable’ etc. this book teaches them a lesson that the moment they discover that they are pregnant they need not feel panicked but become more positive because pregnancy is a wonderful experience.

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