Laser Eye Surgery Risks

The concept of laser eye surgery is not a new one but people are generally not aware of its full scope and the kind of eye conditions that can be treated with this line of treatment. Laser eye surgery is effective for treating people with short-sightedness, astigmatism and other eye conditions for which traditional cure may not be as effective and could take a long time to work. However, it is wise to be aware of Laser Eye Surgery Risks prior to commencing treatment

Since your eyes are one of the most precious organs of the body, it is important to first consult a good ophthalmologist to find out whether you would be the correct candidate for a laser eye surgery and the chances of it being a success.

It is also important to diagnose the condition you are faced with and whether the surgery can make a positive difference to the condition. People with high myopia are the ones who prefer taking the laser eye surgery route to correct their vision. Others who opt for this are those who have trouble focussing on near objects.

Astigmatism or the problem of blurred vision due to the improperly shaped cornea can also be cured with this surgery and the effects are not only immediate but also sustaining. People who require reading glasses due to advancing age can also benefit from this surgery. There are thus many eye conditions that this surgery can cure and it all depends on how well the surgery is done and the competency and experience of the laser surgeon performing the surgery.

This option is thus becoming a preferred mode of treatment for many people and with growing awareness about the surgery, the way it has to be performed and the qualifications that an eye surgeon has to have to do an excellent job, there is better confidence among the people to go ahead and opt for this line of treatment.

Like in other fields of surgery, the field of laser eye surgery also has standards that need to be considered as these define the manner in which the surgery is conducted and the effectiveness. The latest is the Intralase Lasik method where the cornea flap is created using the laser and that is why this method is referred to as the gold standard. This flap creation enables the surgeon to access the insides of the cornea so that he can make the necessary corrections for restoring near perfect eyesight.

This new development has many advantages over conventional Lasik surgery with fewer chances of complications, better eyesight restoration and quicker recovery time and represents lower Laser Eye Surgery Risks.

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