Late Pregnancy Symptoms

Late Pregnancy Symptoms

Late pregnancy symptoms can be bothersome and painful for the woman. Even though in late pregnancy, you can feel a lot of joys of pregnancy itself, there are certain aspects of this period that you would prefer to skip. It is in the later parts of pregnancy when you can feel your baby move inside you, but this is also when a herd of pregnancy discomforts can attack you!

The first trimester of pregnancy was quite uncomfortable, and you have gotten through quite a bit of your second trimester too. You are happy that the darn morning sickness has left you for good! Now it's time to experience some better things! Here is a list of symptoms that you may encounter during late pregnancy:


This late pregnancy symptom can be quite painful. It is quite understandable to have a backache in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Your body has gained quite a few kilos now, and your back will tend to be stressed. Besides this, the joints that you have between your bones, which lie in the pelvic region, will get even more relaxed due to the hormones released during your pregnancy. All of this can take a lousy toll on your back. Specific ways could help ease this backache. Applying an ice pack to your end or taking a warm water shower can bring you some relief. Rest as often as you can to distress your back. Along with this, avoid wearing heels; however, do not opt for flat footwear. Instead, we would suggest you go in for shoes that would be very friendly to your arches and provide you excellent support. If this pain in your back is quite constant, you must visit your doctor soon.

Heavy Weight Gain

Yes, you are pregnant, and you have put on some weight, but by this time you can expect to gain even more weight. Some women also gain up to 35 pounds of weight during their pregnancy as compared to the way they were before. Yes, of course, you have a baby growing inside you! Along with the baby, your placenta and the amniotic fluid will also add to your weight gain reasons.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

These contractions are like fake contractions. When you experience a short contraction, don't panic, you are not going into labor; it is too early for that. Your body is just preparing you for what will come in labor. These are like practice contractions for your uterus. They will be short and not so strong. They will come at their own will. The real contractions that you will go through while in labor will be much stronger. They will come in higher frequency too. When you have the Braxton Hicks contractions, if you feel pain or find them happening too often, you should call your doctor immediately.

Larger Breasts

Your breasts have already grown quite a lot during the pregnancy. You may have gained about 2 pounds solely in your breasts! Expect them to become even further now. As labor approaches closer, you may notice colostrum flowing out of your nipples. This is a yellowish liquid that your breasts will secrete. Colostrum is a fluid that your body produces to boost your baby's immunity after your baby is born.

Frequent Urination

This is also very common in later stages of your pregnancy. By this time, your baby has moved deeper into your body. Due to this, your bladder starts getting pressurized, and you realize the need to make visits to the bathroom more often. Embarrassingly, you may even begin leaking some urine when you cough or laugh.

There are many other signs and late pregnancy symptoms that you may have. They can differ from woman to woman. There may be some discomforts that you face in the later stages of pregnancy, but very soon you will have your baby with you! Good Luck!

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