Learn More About HCG Diet Plan Side Effects

HCG Diet seems to be a popular diet program these days but have you learned more about HCG diet plan side effects ? What more surprising is that the HCG diet is gaining more and more popularity these days and it seems that more and more people are likely to choose this one over other diet programs we have known so far. Created by the British Doctor named A.T. Simeons, the creator explains further about the power of HCG diet plan. If you have heard about the HCG diet plan before, perhaps, you may wonder what makes this program look more special compared to other diet programs we have known so far. What you must know is that the program makes good use of a special type of hormone that people have known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  This is one factor that makes the HCG diet plan stand out among the rest.

What is it and What are HCG Diet Plan Side Effects ?

The HCG diet plan comes with three phases, the loading phase, the maintenance phase and the last one is the stabilization phase. Below is the detailed information for each phase:

  • The Loading Phase : The loading phase is the preparation phase where you are allowed to eat anything that you like. It takes two days and then you will continue to the next phase, the maintenance phase. The purpose of this phase is to prepare your body since the next phase will be stricter.
  • The Maintenance Phase : The next phase will be the phase where you can expect real progress, it takes three weeks where you must follow the rules, a 500 calorie per day rule. While most people think that they will find it very difficult, the creator of this program can guarantee that there is no starvation.
  • The Stabilization Phase : The last phase is the stabilization phase where you will switch from a low calorie level to a higher calorie level. The phase is specifically designed to help you come back to your regular diet without the risk of gaining more weight.

There are two options that can be used when you decide to follow the HCG diet plan. You can choose drops or injections and the decision will be yours. The most popular one is through injections. However, if you don’t want to deal with the needle then drops would be a right choice for you. Make sure that you purchase drops with the highest quality.

What are HCG Diet Plan Side Effects?

Now, when it comes to  HCG Diet Plan Side Effects, the following are some common side effects that occur when people follow the HCG diet plan.

  • Headaches, light headedness, light water retention and irritability
  • Swelling in the injected area and redness

When following the HCG diet plan, there is no need to go under extreme exercises, in fact, moderate exercises are better. Some good examples of exercise that you can do when following this diet plan are walking, light biking and also taking the stairs instead of using elevators. As you have known some information related to HCG Diet Plan Side Effects, the decision will be yours whether you will pick this one or you will move to other programs.

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