Learning a Bedtime Routine

Learning a Bedtime Routine

Learning a bedtime routine is one of the best things that parents can do for themselves and their baby. A bedtime routine will signal to the baby that it is time to wind down and go to sleep. It is essential to perform the method around the same time every day, even when not at home if at all possible.

It is a good idea to establish a routine as soon as possible. The longer that parents wait to do so, the more difficult it will be for the baby to “buy” into it. It’s never too late, but the sooner a routine is established, the better. The faster a baby falls asleep (and stays that way until morning), the better off everyone will be, especially parents, who may find sleep tight to come by the first few months after bringing their baby home.

Why a Bedtime Routine is Important

Consistency and predictability are suitable for babies. It makes them feel safer and provides a great deal of comfort. The same is true for older kids and adults. The more routines a family establishes, the better everyone typically functions, because they know what to expect. Spending time with your baby every night is another perk. It gives parents the opportunity to spend some structured time with just them and their baby.

Setting up the Bedtime Routine

Establishing a good bedtime routine isn’t difficult, especially for parents who already have children. New moms and dads may find it to be a bit tougher at first, mainly because they may have no idea how to go about it. When creating a routine, it is essential for the parent (or parents) to give themselves plenty of time to complete the entire method before bedtime.

It is best to keep the routine short and straightforward. There’s no need to get fancy. A good routine might include bathing the baby, changing their diaper, putting them in their night clothes, reading a story and then placing them in the crib or bassinet. Wherever the routine begins, it should end in the child’s bedroom so that they make the connection between the method and going to sleep.

Getting an infant to sleep through the night may or may not be difficult. It mostly depends on the child. Some parents have babies who begin sleeping through the night early on while others make take months or even a year before doing so. For the latter, learning a bedtime routine can be very helpful. Again, it is essential to keep the routine short and straightforward. The key is to be consistent and steadfast. A method may not instantly result in an infant sleeping through the night, but over time, it should start to help.

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