Lemon Juice And Tooth Enamel

Lemon Juice And Tooth Enamel

Using lemon juice is one of the natural teeth whitening tips. It is found that lemon juice can work well for teeth whitening. In this concise article, we will discuss the effect of lemon juice and tooth enamel.

Here is the standard home remedy for teeth cleaning made with lemon juice. Take a small quantity of lemon juice and some quantity of table salt. Mix them well to make a paste. Now just apply this paste to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you usually do. It will remove the tartar from your teeth efficiently, and you will get the whiter teeth after using this remedy.

What are the Side Effects Of Lemon Juice On Tooth Enamel And Why?

As you may know that lemon juice is highly acidic. This acidic nature or high PH value of lemon juice results in the deterioration of tooth enamel. If you use this remedy for the more extended period, you will end up with severely affected teeth enamel.

Should I Not Use Lemon Juice Or Lemon At All For Teeth Whitening?

You can use this home teeth whitening remedy, but not so often. I think if you use this once every two weeks, then it will not be an issue. The regular use of this remedy is not recommended.

Is Lemon Peel Good For Teeth Whitening?

Yes. The lemon peel is not acidic and can be used for teeth whitening, regularly. The remedy is straightforward. Just take some pieces of lemon peel and rub them with your teeth. It will result in good shining teeth.

Please note that these home remedies Lemon Juice And Tooth Enamel work best for an individual but may not work well for the others. It depends on the condition of teeth and many other factors. It is always recommended to consult your dentist before trying any of the tips or remedies listed on this website. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur due to use of these teeth whitening tips. You should also not use any so-called best teeth whitening products, without asking your dentist.

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