List of Top 17 Drinks Full Of Fiber

Fiber not only lowers your blood sugar, but also cuts cholesterol, helps you avoid hemorrhoids, and prevents colon cancer.

If it were a medication, the entire world would be bawling for it. However, there are very few people who are getting adequate amount of this substance every day.

Did you know it is necessary for women to have at least 25 grams per day and men no less than 35? Unfortunately, an average person today gets only 15 every day, which is, of course, not enough.

Having foods and drinks rich in this nutrient is the finest way to boost your fibril intake. We have sorted out a mini database of drinks that are high-fiber. Please remember that the following list gives a precise value in 100 grams for fiber in different drinks.

You shouldn’t forget that this is not the full story needed to be considered while making your diet plan. You have to keep in mind the portion sizes and other nutritional requirements when taking into consideration the amount of fibril in drinks.

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Here are the drinks that offer you substantial amount of dietary fiber:

1. Cereal Grain Beverage (Coffee substitute)
It is normally available in the form of powder. 100g of cereal grain beverage contains 23.3g.
Normal drinks serving (d.s.): 1 teaspoon (1 serving or 3 grams)
Fiber content: 0.7g

2. Instant Tea (decaffeinated)
Instant, unsweetened tea is also an excellent source of this nutrient. 100g contains 8.5g of fibril content.
Normal d.s.: 2 teaspoon or 0.7 grams
Content: 0.06g

3. Dairy drink mix
Chocolate dairy drink mix with reduced calories and low-calorie sweeteners is available in the form of powder, and 100g contains 9.4g.
Normal drinks serving: 21g or one packet
Content: 1.97 grams

4. Instant Tea
100 grams of instant tea contains 8.5 grams of fibril.
Normal d.s.: 1 teaspoon
Content: 0.06g

5. Cocoa Mix (without sugar)
100g of cocoa mix contains 8g of diet fiber.
Normal drink serving: 1 envelope or 19 grams
Content: 1.43 grams

6. Carob-flavor beverage mix
100g of carob-flavor beverage mix contains 8g of fibril.
Normal d.s.: 1 teaspoon or 12g
Content: 0.96g

7. Dairy drink mix (reduced calorie)
It is normally prepared with water and ice. Dairy drink mix is commonly offered in chocolate flavor. 100g contains about 0.8g.
Normal drinks serving: 1 serving or 234g
Fiber content: 1.94g

8. Lemon-flavored instant tea (unsweetened powder)
100g of this delicious beverage offers 5g of fibril content.
Normal d.s.: 1 teaspoon or 1.14 grams
Content: 0.07 grams

9. Malted drink mix (Chocolate flavored powder)
100g of this drink offers 4.8g of this nutrient.
Normal drinks serving: 1 serving or 21g
Content: 1.01 grams

10. Beverage mix for milk
It is a chocolate flavored powder without any added nutrients. You can prepare this drink by just mixing the powder in water. 100g contains about 4.8g of fibril content.
Normal drinks serving: 1 portion or 22 grams
Content: 1.06g

11. Coffee and cocoa powder (decaffeinated)
It comes with low calorie sweetener and whitener. 100 grams of coffee and cocoa (mocha) includes 4.8 grams of soluble fiber content.
Normal d.s.: 1 teaspoon pr 6.4g
Content: 0.31 grams

12. Malted drink mix
Chocolate flavored malted drink mix comes with added nutrients, and 100g of this drink contains about 4.7g of fiber content.
Normal d.s.: 1 cup or 78 grams
Content: 3.67g

13. Chocolate flavored beverage mix for milk
It also comes with added nutrients, and 100g of this tasteful drink contains about 4.5g of this dietary nutrient.
Normal drink servings: a single serving or 22g
Content: 0.99g

14. Nestle cocoa mix
It has 4g of fiber for every 100g.
Normal d.s.: 20 grams of 1 envelop
Content: 0.8 grams

15. Dry mix Horchata beverage
It comes unprepared with morro seeds. There are a number of brands offering this dry mix. You just have to mix it in water. It contains 4 grams of this nutrient per 100g.
Normal drinks serving: 1 tablespoon or 7.8g
Content: 0.31 grams

16. Orange flavored low calorie powder
The breakfast type drinks contain 3.8g of fibril for every 100g.
Normal d.s.: 1 portion
Content: 0.1 grams

17. Cocoa mix powder
Cocoa mix powder comes with 3.7g for every 100g.
Normal drinks serving: 1 serving or 28 grams
Content: 1.04g

Take these drinks along with some fiber-rich foods daily in order to give your body its required amount.

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