List of Pregnancy Symptoms

List of Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy can exhibit a variety of symptoms. Here we have compiled a list of pregnancy symptoms for you. It can be so confusing to remember which symptom will come in which stage of pregnancy and when it will go away. Make your life much simpler as you go through this list of pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy is a time when you can expect a lot of changes in your body and your life to come. Pregnancy can encompass a range of symptoms and signs and not all expecting mothers will show all signs but that is normal and not something to worry about. Go through these symptoms to understand your pregnancy even better.

List of Pregnancy Symptoms

Some of these symptoms are quite evident and cannot be easily missed upon whereas the others may very quickly be looked over by you. Go through these symptoms and detect your pregnancy early.

  1. Basal Body Temperature: Just like we told you, some change you may notice and some you don't. It is one of those moves that you might skip out upon. Only if you have been monitoring the changes in your basal body temperature, would you realize this sign of pregnancy? Your body's temperature rises at ovulation. If you conceive, your body's temperature will continue to stay elevated.
  2. Changes In Breasts: This is a very noticeable symptom of pregnancy. Expect your breasts to become more abundant and tender. Some women may even have swollen breasts.
  3. Urination: Take some time out of your day just to pee. It is a symptom of pregnancy in which you will find yourself on the toilet seat very often.
  4. Changes In Menstruation: When you are pregnant, expect your periods to stop for these nine months. Some women may experience a slight time, but that is ok.
  5. Increased Cervical Discharge: Your cervix is busy making a mucous plug to keep your baby contained. You can see your panties getting wetter than before now.
  6. Fatigue: Had a tiring day today too? You could be pregnant! Pregnancy can bring in a lot of fatigue and tiredness in a woman's body. She is going through a lot of changes, mentally, physically and emotionally too. This fatigue comes in because of all of this reason and may increase or decrease, as her pregnancy will progress.
  7. Increased Water Retention: Your body will begin retaining more amount of water than before. It may cause you to feel quite bloated.
  8. Nausea: This is one symptom we all know about and probably dislike the most. Expect morning sickness to stop by at any time of the day during your pregnancy.
  9. Food Aversions and Cravings: Don't be surprised if you want to eat chocolates all the time and you are now detecting your favorite lasagna. It is a prevalent symptom of pregnancy and can be said to occur due to the hormonal changes in your body.
  10. Movement Of Your Baby: When you are about two weeks into your pregnancy, expect to have the feeling of having butterflies inside your belly. You will start feeling your baby move inside you.
  11. Ultrasound: Of course, nothing can tell you more evidence that you are pregnant. It is when you will see your baby on the screen. By going for regular ultrasounds, you can even monitor how your baby grows.
  12. Expanding Waistline: The reasons for this to happen are quite distinct. You are growing a baby inside you. Your waist will become more substantial until you deliver your baby and will eventually come back to almost normal after delivery. You may also have stretch marks on your belly and breasts as an effect of pregnancy.

We hope that this list of pregnancy symptoms has helped you. You may have all these symptoms that we have mentioned above, or you may just have some, like the expanding waist. Nevertheless, if you feel anything is abnormal, do visit a doctor. Have your daily dose of vitamins and be prepared to welcome the cutest baby ever! Good Luck!

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