Liver Cancer Symptoms in Women – What to Know

Liver Cancer Symptoms in Women

Liver cancer and the liver cancer symptoms in women are found more in Africans and Asians, compared to Caucasians. And it is mostly found in men compared to women. The signs both in men and women are relatively same, but some of them are located prominently in women.

More About Liver Cancer

There are some different forms of liver cancer. The primary one is when the cancer is developed from the liver cells. Cancer originating from any other organ can spread to the liver, and if this happens, it is called liver metastasis, yet both conditions are still called liver cancer. It has been studied that this is the fifth most common cancer on earth. Most of the patient with this disease survive very few after a year of the detection. The liver cancer symptoms in women will be detected much more easily as cancer has reached the advanced stage.

Liver Cancer Symptoms in Women

There is no difference in the liver cancer symptoms in women or men thought that the signs are found more common in women. The symptoms are like liver enlargement, fatigue, vomiting and nausea, tenderness, swelling, pain in upper part of abdominal, appetite loss, unreasonable weight loss, jaundice or yellowing in the eyes, nails, and skin, back pain, fever, and anemia.

In women, those liver cancer symptoms in women seem more prominent. Other common symptoms are abdominal fullness and bloating that are mistaken as PMS often. These signs are also the indication of ovarian cancer. Stomach cramps and pain are also the symptoms. Feeling weak, pain in the right shoulder, anorexia, and anemia can also be the symptoms. The women with hypothyroidism have the higher risk to suffer from this cancer, while in men, this is untrue. Be advised that you should never underestimate or ignore these symptoms.

The diagnosis and the treatment of liver cancer both in men and women are the same thought that the symptoms differ a little. The medical experts usually make the determination through MRI, CT scan, liver biopsy, and blood test. The test of staging should also be done to measure the advanced level of cancer in particular case of a patient. The treatment of this cancer depends on the cancer stage, and inevitably the patient’s general health condition. The standard treatments are radiation therapy, freezing cancer cells, injecting alcohol into the cancerous cells, heating. Meanwhile, in some cases, chemotherapy and surgery are also applicable. Liver transplant surgery has been considered to be the successful treatment. So, whether you are a woman or a man, regardless the liver cancer symptoms in women or men, consult with your doctor immediately if you experience any of the mentioned signs above.

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