How to Make Your Eyes Brighter Naturally

How to Make Your Eyes Brighter Naturally

Contrary to what many believe, eye color isn't necessarily a fixed trait. There are some natural and surgical ways can lighten your eye color as well as some cosmetic tricks you could use to make your eye color appear lighter temporarily. Here are some techniques How to Make Your Eyes Brighter Naturally that may find worthwhile.

Berries. Begin the day by eating a small bowl of mixed berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, which contain antioxidants and vitamins that will circulate throughout your body and brighten up your eyes within about half an hour. Though fresh berries are best, frozen varieties will also do the trick.

Tea Bag or Cucumber. Soak some teabags in cold water for 1-2 minutes and leave them in your eyes in 5 minutes or place a slice of cucumber on your eyes and leave it there in 5 minutes or longer.

Pineapple. Stir few drops of Pineapple juice in Coconut water and dip a cotton cloth pad in it. Put it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Best tip for fresh and glowing eyes naturally.

Quit Bad Diet. A little of these drinks are ok, but they are diuretics. Too much can pull fluid out of the body and leave your eyes feeling dry and tired.

Happiness. All eyes are shiny and bright when they are joking, laughing, and smiling. Most of them and let your hair down and have fun. And let's face it, not the eyes look attractive when they are crying, angry, depressed or tired.

Have a Sound Sleep. Take a right well sleep of 8 hours. Getting proper sleep is the key to become fresh and beautiful looking eyes. Not getting enough sleep will make your eyes look red, dull, and puffy. Lack of sleep could also give you dark circles all around the eye area which could ruin all your personality. You could also prevent puffiness of eyes by propping an extra pillow under your head, and this is another great tip. Sleeping on your back or stomach slightly than your sides also helps much.

Make it Up. The extra tip to brighten up your eyes is to use a little white shadow inside of your eye near the tear ducts. Just this little bit of white can make a huge difference. A hardliner can look retro, and dark colors often close up the eye. Stick to a lighter shade of taupe or brown. To diffuse the line, even more, use an eyeshadow powder and an eyeliner brush instead of a pencil.

Use of Sunscreen Daily. Although not apply sunscreen on your face, be sure to use it under your eyes. As your skin is colored, dark areas seem to fade, as they are becoming less so than the surrounding skin. When you go to the beach, apply sunscreen several times during the day. Over time, the majority of people who use this technique need not corrector and protects the skin from sun damage. However, do research on the content of sunscreen products, as some products may be harmful to your health. Apply a heavier SPF below your eyes for face darkens, so your circles look lighter. Use dark sunglasses to protect your skin melanin changes. Research ingredients in sunscreen as some are harmful to the skin.

In case of Dark Circles. Even if your dark circles are completely blind, his eyes still can use search assistance as bright as possible. Combining a pink cream-colored or light liquid product over the concealer can help encourage her eyes. For the most flattering look, apply triangular shaped illuminator under his eye, along with the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Not only the pink color of the lighting illuminates the skin in these areas, which will help capture the light so that your eyes look brighter and more awake.

How to Make Your Eyes Brighter Naturally, No matter what your eye color, giving a touch of bright eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes instantly make them look bigger and brighter. The universally flattering tones include gold, silver, peach or champagne and must be trembling. The more sparkle, the more awake you will look like these shades reflect light to brighten the whites of the eyes and cancel redness, which is perfect if you did not sleep much last night.

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