Massage for pregnant – let yourself be pampered

Massage for pregnant women positively affects the mental and physical condition of women. It will help you better cope with the changes that take place in your body, relieve tension and fatigue. Massages are not dangerous, as many people think, just needing to do them right. It is an excellent preparation for delivery and in conjunction with aromatherapy can help even during the birth itself.

Massages should only be performed by an experienced person. Massages are performed during pregnancy, which is very gentle. Some areas are omitted. If you suffer from back pain, your feet and fingers rotate your hands, do not hesitate and go for a pregnancy massage.

What does a pregnancy massage look like?

Special massages for pregnant women should consist of classic back and neck massage, reflex foot massage, and lymphatic drainage. You will see how your muscles will be relaxed and your baby gets the feeling that he has more room and more action. Relax during the procedure, relax your back and muscles, improve the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. If you go through it regularly, the skin's elasticity will also improve.

Massage in pregnancy is recommended by doctors. Avoid it only until the third month or if you have any complications during your pregnancy.

Once you have a classic massage where you relax your back and neck, it is the right time for a reflex massage of the feet, when pressure on specific points stimulates the individual organs in the body.

Wonderful is a lymphatic massage that cleanses lymph flow, removes unnecessary fluid from the body and reduces pressure in the blood vessels. With moderate pressure and swirling movements, the masseuse or masseur will massage the sites where the lymph nodes most occur.

Principles that are important for a massage for pregnant:

  • Look for an expert who has experience with the massage of pregnant women
  • choose a suitable type of massage or have a look - future moms need more sophisticated techniques, including most relaxing massages, reflexology therapy, shiatsu, aromatherapy
  • do not adore your state of health and tell yourself if you have any problems, it is your and your child's health
  • on the day of the massage and after that, take some rest and do not forget about the drinking regime
  • definitely, avoid pregnant massage procedures and all detoxifying types of massage during pregnancy (many toxins could be released into your body and you can get through the placenta to the baby)
  • massages are done on a massage table, a comfortable chair, a soft gym ball or a seating bag. It is important that you feel comfortable and comfortable


Aromatherapy can also be used during pregnancy. Also, give this procedure to a specialist because not all the essential oils are appropriate. Lower weight concentrations are used for pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life. You are looking forward to your baby and the joy of it. However, various difficulties such as back pain, legs, joints, etc. are associated with it, and it is precisely in order to remove or alleviate them the Massage for pregnant.

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