Maternity Health Insurance Tips

Maternity Health Insurance

While getting pregnant offers the exciting prospect of starting or enlarging a family, it also involves considerations about maternity health expenses. Those looking for maternity health insurance tips will have many questions and it’s important that these questions be asked before a pregnancy. Without sufficient planning, it may be difficult to get affordable health insurance. Sometimes, too, if this planning is left too late, it is possible to not be eligible to purchase health insurance while pregnant.

When to Purchase Maternity Insurance

Getting pregnant requires preplanning, getting coverage before it is needed. Otherwise, the pregnancy can pose health risks that are not covered or financial costs that can arise unexpectedly. In this regard maternity health insurance is similar to regular health insurance: it has to be obtained before it is necessary to use it. Insurance is based on a philosophy of preplanning or prevention rather than taking care of an existing need.

Although it may seem common sense to be concerned about getting adequate health coverage for pregnancy, many young women don’t receive any prenatal care until they are in their second or even third trimester. Worse still, some even don’t receive any prenatal care at all. This situation, to say the least, is highly dangerous for both the mother and her baby. Such a calamity can be avoided by getting proper maternity health insurance in place long before pregnancy.

The Cost of Pregnancy

Besides prenatal care, a pregnant woman has also to consider the costs of labor and delivery. While this can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, complications can raise the cost to six figures if there are complications with mother or baby.

Consequently, considering maternal health insurance is not an option, but a necessity for a pregnant woman, otherwise a family can end up in heavy debt that may take years to pay off because of the pregnancy.

Fortunately, the availability of maternity health insurance makes it possible to cover the many costs associated with pregnancy. This insurance can be obtained at very reasonable premiums as well, rates that are within the budget of any working family.

Common Maternity Insurance Questions

The most common questions asked about maternity health insurance are the following:

  1. On average, how much will a pregnancy cost?
  2. Can individual health insurance be obtained while pregnant?
  3. What type of health insurance is necessary to cover maternity health expenses?
  4. If someone already has an individual health insurance plan can they simply get a supplemental maternity plan?
  5. Where can someone find affordable health insurance?

On average, how much will a pregnancy cost?

The average cost of a pregnancy will be determined by two things: one, the clinic or hospital that is used; and, two, whether the pregnancy is normal or has complications.

In the case of a normal pregnancy, the cost is lower than most people would imagine. On average, it is around $1,500 to $2,000. But, if there are complications—for instance, a Cesarean section or a premature birth—then the cost is more likely to be around $15,000 to $20,000. What’s more, if the complications are severe, it can be even higher.

Can individual health insurance be obtained while pregnant?

Generally speaking, unless a pregnant woman qualifies for a HIPAA eligible health insurance plan, she cannot get maternal insurance while pregnant. The only way she will be eligible for maternal health insurance again is after the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman who has no health insurance has three options to try to get coverage:

  • Try and get coverage from a group health insurance plan.
  • Try and get it from a state-sponsored plan or from Medicaid.
  • Try and see if there are special state maternity health options by talking to an independent health insurance agent.

What type of health insurance is necessary to cover maternity health expenses?

The way to determine the type of health insurance expenses covered in an existing policy is to go through the policy details. It is advisable that this is done with the help of a health insurance agent who can help interpret the complicated language.

Typically, costs are covered automatically with comprehensive group health insurance plans. Those electing to use an individual health insurance plan will have to use a separate endorsement to build benefits into a selected plan.

If someone already has an individual health insurance plan can they simply get a supplemental maternity plan?

The answer is yes! It’s possible to add a rider for maternity benefits to an individual health insurance plan at an additional cost. But it is important to preplan the pregnancy because most plans don’t go into effect immediately, but will require a waiting period. Some waiting periods can be as short as six months while other waiting periods can be as long as a year.

Where can someone find affordable health insurance?

Many insurers offer maternity health insurance at a low cost.

The best way to find affordable health insurance is to speak to an independent health insurance agent, get references from those who have used a reputable company, or to do online research on the various plans offered by insurers.

In seeking quotes, a researcher should compare three or more health insurance companies. The quotes will be related to a person’s individual situation as well as their geographic location and state of residence. Just like when you compare car insurance quotes when trying to find the best car insurance it is just as important to compare maternity health insurance quotes from many different companies to find the best plan.

Insurance is also available from the company that a person works at even if it is a small company. Insurance companies that offer insurance to a small business give the consumer many choices, including high deductibles that can go up to $5,000 or more and supplement maternity health insurance plans.

In addition, a few states allow for supplemental maternity health insurance plans.

Finding the Best Maternity Health Insurance Plan

Two things should be remembered when it comes to getting maternity health insurance. One, if a person plans ahead of time, it is possible to get this type of insurance coverage quickly, easily, and cheaply. Two, if a person neglects to get maternity health insurance, they are risking both their health and their financial future. Get started shopping around for the best maternity health insurance plan now!

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