Mesothelioma Blood Test

Mesothelioma Blood Test

In 2007, the Federal Food and Drug Administration approved a mesothelioma blood test called Mesomark, created by Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc. This novel blood test measures the amount of blood serum concentrations of a substance called soluble mesothelin-related protein. This protein is elevated in individuals who have mesothelioma, determined by implementing monoclonal antibodies that cling to the soluble mesothelin-related protein. This blood test is useful because it has the ability to detect mesothelioma in its early stages before much damage can happen. If someone who has reason to believe they were once repeatedly exposed to asbestos, this Mesomark blood test can confirm whether asbestos has created abnormal cells in the blood.

Diagnosing a case of mesothelioma is complicated because symptoms resemble most other cancer symptoms. Unless a biopsy is done to confirm the presence of cancer cells in lung or stomach tissue, physicians may think someone’s coughing, breathing difficulties and fatigue is some form of cancer not related to asbestos exposure. Treatment implemented may, therefore, be ineffective in alleviating the symptoms specific to mesothelioma and patients may waste valuable time that could be used to target explicit mesothelioma tumors affecting the epithelial layers around the lungs.

Following a blood test that indicates an excessive amount of mesothelin-related protein in the blood, the prognosis of someone’s condition is based on several factors. These include: the stage of the mesothelioma, which is determined by tumor sizes and how far cancer has spread from its point of origin; if the tumors are able to be surgically removed; the amount of fluid retention; health condition and age of the person suffering from mesothelioma and if cancer had once been in remission and was not returning. A mesothelioma blood test is a good way to catch mesothelioma cancer in its early stages so that successful treatments can be started right away.

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