How Much Does Lasik Cost?

It is quite difficult to estimate how much does Lasik cost as the Lasik eye surgery cost from one practitioner to the next. This revolutionary laser procedure corrects refractive errors and improves an individual’s vision. The best thing is that you do not need to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore. The Lasik surgery uses a specialized laser positioned underneath the corneal flap and changes the shape of the cornea. It corrects eye problems like astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

The procedure is popular despite the fact that the cost of Lasik eye surgery is quite high. Its increased popularity is based on the fact that your sight is improved to such an extent that you no longer need to wear contact lenses or glasses

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

In terms of costs, you should know that each procedure depends on individual factors. However, independent of the provider, the cost of Lasik eye surgery is made per eye. One procedure refers to the correction of a single eye. If you need to correct both eyes, the price is double.

The price might also be higher if the provider charges extra for using other state-of-the-art technologies for increased precision. These technologies include:

  1. Wavefront analysis – increases the precision of the corrections.
  2. Bladeless or all-laser Lasik – it uses a laser to make the flap instead of a bladed tool.

Average Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery

As we have mentioned above, Lasik eye surgery cost is different from one surgeon to the next. Generally, here are the average prices of Lasik procedures:

  1. About $2,170 for Lasik procedures which include wavefront analysis and are all-laser.
  2. $1,580 for Lasik procedures which are made with a bladed tool and excimer laser; no wavefront analysis.

Lasik Plus Beware of Bargains

If you decide to opt for a Lasik procedure, the first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the market: types of procedures, advantages, and disadvantages, after-surgery services and of course, last but not least, the total costs. You will find deals at unreasonably low costs, but always be well-informed before choosing.

You should talk to the provider in order to know what the offer includes and which additional services might be necessary. You should also ask him to give you an estimate of all the procedures and services, i.e. the total costs, in writing.

In terms of costs, even if there are notable differences between centers, this procedure is an expensive one. However, it is important to search for qualified surgeons. If you are concerned about the Lasik eye surgery cost, you should visit Lasik Plus, a discount chain, which can be found in many states across the U.S.

In conclusion, applying for a Lasik Procedure is an important decision. This is why you should know all the relevant information regarding the procedure, such as: if you are a good candidate, benefits, risks, total costs and other alternative solutions to correct your eye problems. Ultimately how much does Lasik cost is a combination of a number of factors all of which require careful consideration.

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