How much weight should your partner gain during her pregnancy?

How much weight should your partner gain during her pregnancy?, weight gain during pregnancy needs to be controlled to ensure that the best conditions are available to the baby. If not enough weight is gained, then problems with malnutrition in the fetus can occur. If too much weight is added during a pregnancy, then there can be problems of diabetes and/or problems in the delivery room. Furthermore, some studies show that excessive weight gain during a pregnancy leads to obesity in women long after the birth.

Recommendations for the amount of weight that is normal to gain during a pregnancy varies from country to country. In many places, it is generally suggested that a gain of about 1 Kg per month is good (that's 2.2 pounds per month) which adds up to about 9 or 10 Kg (22 pounds) for the full nine months, but these are very general figures.
Whichever country you are from, the acceptable weight gain taken by a woman during a pregnancy depends on her morphology, that is to say, her normal weight and height before pregnancy.

Weight gain calculation

There is a simple calculation that can provide a basic overview of how much weight should be added over nine months depending on normal weight and height prior to pregnancy.

The formula is simply:

weight (Kg) / Height (M)
i.e. the weight in Kilograms divided by the height in meters squared.

This results in a number that can be used as a guide for weight gain:

  • A number less than 18 means that she is skinny - up to 20 Kg (44 pounds) weight gain is just within the acceptable range.
  • Between 18 and 20 means thin - between 13 Kg (28.6 pounds) and 17 Kg (37.4 pounds) of extra weight over 9 months is normal.
  • Between 20 and 23 is normal - about 12 Kg (26.4 pounds) weight gain is normal.
  • More than 23 means that she is already large and can safely try to add less weight than others during the pregnancy. Between 8 Kg (17.6 pounds) and 11 Kg (24.2 pounds) would allow some reserves to be used up.

NOTE: No matter how much is eaten and how much weight is gained, it is essential that a woman takes all of the vitamins and minerals prescribed by the doctor.

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