Natural Cure for Fleas

Natural Cure for Fleas - Fleas are external parasites which are found on the skin of both humans and pets. They are irritating pests as they bite and annoy the host constantly. Fleas are very small, dark brown, wingless blood-sucking insects.

They have a body that is flattened sided to side or in other words laterally compressed with mouthparts adapted to suck blood from the host. There are varieties of fleas which attack warm-blooded animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels and humans too. However, they don't live on a human for a long time but they do make them a ride to get into the house of pets.

They lay their white tiny eggs on the hair, skin, and feathers of the host which then readily falls on the carpet, floors, bedding, and furniture. These eggs then develop into tiny larvae, cocoon and finally adults which feed on the blood and again reproduce. Fleas more commonly breed and rest in the houses where pets rest.

Pets which are infested with fleas constantly scratch and bite themselves. Many people do not react and have no symptoms of flea bites while others are very sensitive and may even have allergic reactions.

Flea's treatment is essential to get rid of the symptoms and infection. For the treatment, the pet owner has to keep two major points in mind

  1. Pet treatment and
  2. Premises or surrounding treatment.

If only the pet is treated then it can easily and quickly become reinfested from the premises full of fleas and vice versa.

Practice the following the Natural Cure for Fleas to have a flea-free environment.

  • If you are worried that the chemicals in the sprays and creams can affect your pet then try the following flea's home remedies to treat your pet. Cut lemon into quarters and place in a jug. Fill the jug with boiled water and let the lemon steep in it overnight. Next day use this water as a flea repellant by spraying it on your pet. You can use a spray bottle for the same. Take care and don't miss special spots like armpits, behind the ears, base of the tail and head where they commonly reside. Be careful of the other flea treatment you use for your pets as some are very sensitive for their health.
  • You can use this home remedy as a flea repellent on your pet as well as for yourself. To 10 ml of sweet almond oil add 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of cedarwood. Shake this mixture well and spread a thin layer on the skin to keep the fleas away.
  • Vacuum the furniture, carpet, and the surroundings thoroughly to get rid of the eggs and larvae too. Carpets can be professionally steamed cleaned too if the pest is too bothering. Wash all your clothes, beddings and pillow covers in hot water to kill the eggs and the fleas if any.
  • Take a bath twice daily, especially when you and your pet spend too much time outdoors. Comb the hair of your pet with flea combs to drag the hiding fleas out and destroy them.

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