• Natural Ways for Inducing Ovulation

    Natural Ways for Inducing Ovulation

    If a woman wants to get pregnant, then she needs to ovulate. The process of ovulation generally takes place before 2 weeks from the first day of last period of a woman. Ovulation cycle may occur at any time during the menstrual cycle. There may be many women whose body faces problems in ovulating by themselves. Such women are advised to take drugs like Clomid, in case they take the advice of a fertility doctor. For those women, who do not want to take medical measures for ovulation and wish to try some natural methods, few natural ways for inducing ovulation are given in this article. First, by reducing excess…

  • missed period pregnancy

    10 Reasons for Missed Period Pregnancy

    Women do not generally panic when they miss a period if they had not tried anything to get pregnant. When women missed period pregnancy is the first thought that comes to the mind of a woman. But pregnancy is not the only factor working when one misses a period. There are ten reasons working behind this. Stress is one such important factor. Stress can affect our health in many ways including the missing of the period. When we are in stress some hormones are released and it prevents the bleeding. The doctor’s advice on the way of relaxing should be taken. Secondly prolonged or short illness may result in delayed…

  • Foods That Induce Labor

    Foods That Induce Labor

    There are various ways of inducing labor which can bring about the ripple stimulation or sexual intercourse waking or talk to your baby about certain acupuncture techniques. All these efforts go a long way by helping under the circumstances when you encounter pain or pains. There are lots of foods and beverages which are essential from the points of view of getting the desired results when you encounter ultimate pains. It is suggested that these measures as well as various another intake of foods as well as proper methodologies by having proper beverages which go on to help in this process in a large way. Foods containing varieties of spices…

  • Symptoms of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

    Symptoms of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

    Normally a missed period is taken as an early sign of pregnancy. However, you can know about your pregnancy even before a missed period. Below are the 5 signs that start to show up and are thus known to be early signs of pregIncrease in basal body temperature any: Increase in basal body temperature It has been observed that the lowest temperature of the body (which happens when you take rest and is also known as basal body temperature) starts to increase after the process of ovulation and remains like this for a long time. Ovulation is a process wherein the matured egg makes its way through the fallopian tube…

  • Baby Acne
    Baby Care & Tips

    Baby Acne – Symptoms Causes Tests Diagnosis & Treatment

    Acne develops on babies skin as well as adults, most commonly you will find acne on a baby’s cheeks, chin, and forehead. It is very common to see acne on a baby, but don’t worry it’s only temporary. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, and the best treatment is to do nothing. The acne will go away on its own so there is no need for you to do anything. You can tell easily if your baby has acne, you will see small red bumps on the cheeks, forehead, and chin. With acne being so easy to see there is no need to go through testing to…

  • Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

    Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

    It is quite common for pregnant women to suffer from morning sickness — or what also known as nausea — during the period they are pregnant. It is out of the question that this is not a comfortable condition. Fortunately, by being proactive and taking quite a good care of themselves — especially during their first trimester pregnancy period, those pregnant women will no longer have to worry about having to suffer from morning sickness every single day they wake up in the morning. Make sure that there is always something that gets into the stomach. Even stuff such as ginger cookies, saltines, a little protein or some dry toasts…

  • Headache and Fever Medicine During Pregnancy

    Headache and Fever Medicine During Pregnancy

    Even though it is true that both fever, as well as a headache, are not necessarily dangerous, these two sicknesses are in fact, however, quite annoying. It is even more so when a woman has entered their pregnancy period. But those pregnant women out there will not have to worry too much if they happen to catch a fever or experience headaches when they are pregnant as there are ways they can try to treat a Headache and Fever Medicine During Pregnancy. To treat a headache, try making sure to consume enough sugar at all times. Low blood sugar can often be one thing that causes headaches. Do this by…

  • Artificial Insemination and Infertility

    Artificial Insemination and Infertility

    There is nothing more hopeless than trying hard every month to conceive a baby and getting no results. If you are in the same situation, take heart as you are not alone. Infertility today is affecting around 15 % of the total population. This percentage means that one out of every seven couple is having some infertility problem. There are different causes of infertility which includes Blockage in the fallopian tubes Ovulation problems Endometriosis Infertility in males Unexplained infertility Whenever an infertile couple sees the doctor both partners have to go through a detailed evaluation. This evaluation includes an X-ray with the help of the dye to check the fallopian…

  • Pregnancy Symptoms

    PMS Symptoms and Pregnancy Symptoms

    Postmenstrual symptoms and the pregnancy symptoms share some of the indications. The extent of these symptoms varies for each woman. For one woman they may vary in intensity in each month. The good news here is that there are treatments available to relieve the postmenstrual symptoms. No matter the pregnancy symptoms can also be treated but this treatment should first be consulted with your gynecologist to safe the growing fetus. PMS Symptoms It is generally believed that the symptoms of postmenstrual come into place because of the lack of a certain hormone. This hormone is termed Serotonin. It is a chemical produced by the brain and it greatly helps to…

  • Pregnancy

    How to Avoid Pregnancy Miscarriage

    Loss of pregnancy, pregnancy miscarriage or the spontaneous and unwanted abortion is the term used if the pregnancy is lost. It takes place in around 20 % of the confirmed pregnancies. When the pregnancy miscarriage takes place the fetus, the placenta and the amniotic sac are expelled out of the body. Causes of Pregnancy Miscarriage The first and the most common factor of the pregnancy miscarriage is the chromosomal abnormality of the developing child. The reasons for this chromosomal ability can be the genetic disorder or the defective sperm or the egg. The lifestyle of the expectant mother during the pre-pregnancy days and during pregnancy is another factor that causes…