Period and Pregnancy Symptoms

Period and Pregnancy Symptoms

Period and pregnancy symptoms are associated with each other very closely as in the initial stages, both similar exhibit features. But if you understand how to differentiate between the two, you will exactly know when to buy that home pregnancy test kit and wait for the plus sign. Well, as we all have already heard, the most specific symptom is a missed period. However, don't just rely on this, there are many other factors that you must keep in your mind before you decide whether or not you are pregnant.

Very First Periods and Pregnancy Symptoms

In general, some symptoms can tell you that you are pregnant. These are some of the early symptoms that you would go through during the early stages of pregnancy. They may even start as early as just two weeks after the pregnancy has commenced. These symptoms are what women face during PMS, and hence it is difficult to say that it is only due to pregnancy.

Cramping: Lost of women around the world suffer from cramps during their periods. It is generally due to the chemicals are known as prostaglandins that are secreted in the body during times. However, you may suffer from cramps in the early stages of pregnancy. The cause of cramping during pregnancy in the first trimester is stretching of the woman's uterine wall. It happens to prepare your body to hold the baby.

Sore and Tender Breasts: Sore or tender breasts contribute to being a prominent symptom of both periods and pregnancy. In terms, breast tenderness occurs due to the varying levels of the hormone called as estrogen. In pregnancy, estrogen is one of the many factors responsible for your breasts swelling up and becoming tender.

Exhaustion: Generally, periods and fatigue go hand in hand. The blame can again go to the hormone estrogen. It causes fatigue, especially, during this time of the month. When you are pregnant, this fatigue will amplify by quite some. The blame here can partly be put upon the hormone progesterone. The rising levels of this hormone could wear you down.

Mood swings: This is something we don't even need to explain! Every woman experiences mood swings during her periods. Some experience them in extremes, and some have very mild mood swings. It is quite evident for your mood swings to take place after so many hormones being on a constant race in your body! Well, pregnancy can also give you mood swings and this time, they just come about more often! In pregnancy, your hormones are higher than what you have during your periods. Besides, there are so many other physical changes taking place in your body that this affects your moods too. Some women even begin feeling unattractive as they gain some weight during pregnancy.

Headaches: This is one of those symptoms that seem to bore a lot of women. This blame too can be put on the highly fluctuating levels of estrogen in your body. It can cause a lot of headaches and make you uncomfortable. When you are pregnant, you can again blame your free falling hormones. Besides this, in pregnancy, you often tend to have a lack of sleep; thanks to the frequent urination that you need to get up for even during the nights. Your body undergoes a lot of changes, and also they contribute their little bit in giving you the headaches that you have.

These are just some of the regular period and pregnancy symptoms. Besides this, each woman has her own set of symptoms that she faces during her PMS. She may meet similar features during pregnancy or not have to face any of these (lucky her!). Remember that there are just two ways to confirm a pregnancy. Even a missed period does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant! The two methods are to either take a test with the help of a home pregnancy test kit or to visit your doctor. Pregnancy is a long and patient journey that you cross to have ample of happiness. Good luck with that!

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