Physical Development in Babies 0-3 Months: What to Expect

Physical Development in Babies 0-3 Months

The first three months of a baby’s life is a time of tremendous growth and development. Parents may want to document this time by taking plenty of pictures and recording lots of videos because Physical Development in Babies 0-3 Months will go by fast and those sleepless nights might hamper mom and dad’s memory.

As mentioned above, this is an exciting period of growth and development for a baby and first-timers, an initiation of sorts into the world of parenting for the new mom and dad. Parents will notice a great deal of change in how their infant looks, their size, motor skills, and sensory development.

Baby Weight

Babies appear in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some will naturally be bigger than others. Unless a baby is at either of the extremes, extremely small or large, this isn’t any cause for concern. At this stage, size is dependent upon how big the parents were at the same age, whether or not the baby was full term, nutrition and the quality of care provided by their parents or guardians.

During the first three months of life, babies will gain and even lose weight, with the latter happening less and less after the first week of life. The first week after a baby is born they lose between 5% and 7% of their body weight. Babies that are breastfed may lose even more weight, sometimes up to 10%. It is important for parents to take their child to the doctor if a significant amount of weight is lost or if the initial weight loss does not begin to reverse itself by the second week.

Babies should weigh what they did at birth by the second week of life. From that time on, they will gain about an ounce every day. At three months, they should learn about a pound a month. He or she will typically be about 20% taller than they were at birth.

From Birth and Beyond

Though parents love to brag about how cute their baby is right after birth, those who don’t know and love the baby might beg to differ, at least at first. When a baby early leaves his or her mom’s womb, their eyes are often swollen, their ears flat, skin dry and nose smashed. They are also pretty hairy. After a little bit of time, things start to look normal, and everyone can begin to see what mom and dad saw initially—just how adorable the baby is.

It is essential for parents to understand the Physical Development in Babies 0-3 Months. Knowing how the baby should be developing will allow them to recognize when something is wrong. Not every condition, ailment or problem a baby will have will be present at birth or show immediately.

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