PMS Symptoms and Pregnancy Symptoms

Postmenstrual symptoms and the pregnancy symptoms share some of the indications. The extent of these symptoms varies for each woman. For one woman they may vary in intensity in each month. The good news here is that there are treatments available to relieve the postmenstrual symptoms. No matter the pregnancy symptoms can also be treated but this treatment should first be consulted with your gynecologist to safe the growing fetus.

PMS Symptoms

It is generally believed that the symptoms of postmenstrual come into place because of the lack of a certain hormone. This hormone is termed Serotonin. It is a chemical produced by the brain and it greatly helps to control sleep patterns, moods, and appetite. Serotonin also helps the signal to travel from one nerve to another. The other possible cause can be the variation on the levels of the hormones that take place during the menstrual cycles.

If the postmenstrual symptoms are because of Serotonin levels the women may experience mood changes, anger, irritability, food cravings and aggressive behavior.

If the PMS is caused because of the hormonal changes the women may experience a headache or breast ache. Weight gain and bloating may also come into place.

Treatment of the symptoms of PMS may include some prescribed medicine for pain relief or some antidepressant tablets. Some women are also put on the birth control pills for the stabilization of the periods.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy in its initial days may also cause the women to feel certain irritable things. The first and the foremost symptom of pregnancy is the missed period. Pregnancy symptoms also include nausea, morning sickness, tender breasts, tiredness or depression. Some of these symptoms resemble post menstrual symptoms. So if women missed a period it is better to have a pregnancy test done for confirming pregnancy. Sole dependence on these symptoms may be misleading. Timely confirmation of pregnancy is essential for the healthy growth of pregnancy.

Possible Treatments for PMS symptoms and Pregnancy Systems

Treatment of pregnancy symptoms is tricky. As the ingredients of the prescribed product may or may no be safe for the growing fetus. Good prenatal care is essential for the better health of the mother and the child. So it is always better to consult the doctor timely for this.

Because of the side effects attached to the prescribed medicines, most of the women today want to use some herbal supplements to help relieve their post menstrual symptoms. Herbal supplements have either no or minimal side effects.

It is suggested that one must ask her doctor even before starting any herbal medicine as it may affect the performance of some prescribed medicines. The best herbal supplement is one that has gone through intensive checking. The metabolic path of which has studied at the molecular level. Interactions of various ingredients of the supplement should already be thoroughly studied. The herbal supplement should meet the basic pharmaceutical standards. These standards guarantee the consistency of the standard in the whole pack and in the subsequent pack as well.

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