Pregnancy Diabetes (Gestational Diabetes) – Pregnancy Complication

Pregnancy Diabetes

Pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes) is a complication in which there is carbohydrate intolerance during pregnancy. The woman has high sugar levels in the blood that are beyond the normal levels during pregnancy. Pregnancy diabetes is associated with acute and chronic maternal complications. Unlike other diabetes which is lifelong, pregnancy diabetes is temporary and generally resolves after the birth of the baby.

Many ask that will diabetes affect the pregnancy. Well, the answer is yes. If the blood has too much sugar then there are chances that your baby may grow very large.

A large baby means you will experience severe pain while delivering the baby. Normal delivery of the baby will become more difficult. In such a case if the baby is large, a cesarean operation will be required. The baby may suffer breathing problems if the baby is born surgically. Obese women have greater chances of developing pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes). Research has shown that large babies are prone to obesity.

Diabetic women desiring pregnancy should be thoroughly counseled. Women who intend to become pregnant should ensure that their blood sugar level is under control. This counseling should educate about the need for diet management and insulin injection techniques during or prior to pregnancy. The counseling should also teach how to self-monitor your blood glucose levels. Your blood glucose value should be between 60 to 90 mg in fasting state. In postprandial state blood, glucose value should be between 100 to 200 mg%. At all times blood glucose value should be between 60 to 120mg%

The baby may not develop properly if you have high blood pressure during first 3 months of pregnancy. Your pregnancy will be considered as a high risk.

Symptoms of pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes) include abnormal fatigue, extreme thirst. If you are suffering from this disease ten you should less sugary foods. Avoid drinks that contain high-amount of caffeine.
With proper treatment, pregnancy diabetes can be controlled and you can lead a better life.

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