Pregnancy Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage

Pregnancy Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage

Pregnancy Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage - In the United States alone, statistics tell us that there are about 13% of women who get pregnant each year without any health insurance, whether covering maternity benefits or otherwise. It could be attributed to the complexity and intrinsic details accompanying every health insurance plan. So, it is the sad fact that has been the center of political discussions lately. The government should be able to bridge the gap between the insurance provider’s requirements for eligibility and the insured’s capability to pay the monthly premiums.

There are two things satisfied by a health insurance: having access to medical care and making health care affordable. When faced with an illness, getting good quality medical care becomes overly difficult because of the spiraling costs of treatment, medical procedures, check-up, etc.. Without any health insurance plan, one will struggle with the financial impact of each and every medical service needed.

Individual and Group Health Insurance Plans

Individual Health Insurance Plans are offered for individuals who do not have employer-based health insurance. This insurance will manage an individual’s health-related needs from doctor’s visits to hospitalization to recovery. The health benefits or coverage will be largely dependent on an individual’s health or medical requirements. This normally costs more for the individual as the coverage may be customized to the needs of the insured.

Group Health Insurance Plans, on the other hand, are the medical care plans provided by employers to their employees as part of their work benefits and compensation package. Healthier employees mean healthier business for the employer. And since employers are mandated by law to provide health benefits through health insurance plans to all its employees, a good majority of Americans are covered by this type of insurance. And since the employers carry the bulk of payment, the coverage under this plans are somewhat restricted or limited.

Maternity Coverage

As mentioned earlier 13% of pregnant women in the US are not insured. It means they have no access to good quality healthcare and are oftentimes availing state-funded insurance programs to somehow help alleviate the costly pregnancy expenses, especially if their economic status render them incapable of shelling out money to pay for the insurance plans.

However, there are health insurance plans which do cover and include maternity benefits. Finding the insurance provider who offers this is a bit tricky as they have different conditions and parameters for this inclusion. Let’s summarize some of these conditions :

An existing individual health insurance may be attached to a maternity coverage rider. This is allowing additional coverage for maternity benefits at an extra cost.

An existing group health insurance plan may be requested for a maternity coverage supplement. The additional costs will be on the employee’s account.

Maternity coverage rider whether attached to an individual or group health insurance plan may require a specific waiting period.

Insurance providers who offer maternity rider without waiting period may opt to increase additional insurance premiums for the desired additional coverage.

Maternity coverage rider also has conditions on not being pregnant at the time of getting the coverage. Otherwise, there would be a considerable add-on to the premiums if already pregnant women are still accepted for coverage.

It will take more than this limited information to be able to determine what available Pregnancy Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage options offer the best deal. The best way would be to check every insurance plan, provider, state laws, etc., to make sure that the best and most affordable maternity coverage will be selected.

Alternatively, pregnant women may turn to the government for support. Government-funded insurance programs such as Medicaid, COBRA, WIC, American Pregnancy Organization and Ameriplan to name a few. All of them were created and are operating with one common objective, and that is, to provide assistance and support to pregnant women who, unfortunately, do not have any health insurance plan.

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