Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Pregnancy Symptoms

While a pregnancy test is the surest way for a woman to know whether she is pregnant, many women are quite sure they are expecting before ever taking one.

It is because of the many pregnancy symptoms women experience, often beginning very early in pregnancy.

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms, sometimes experienced before a woman is even able to take a pregnancy test, is fatigue.

A pregnant woman frequently feels the need for two or more hours of sleep at night in addition to the amount of sleep she gets typically and often needs naps throughout the day as well.

Frequently, by the beginning of the second trimester, the fatigue gives way to a burst of energy.

In addition to fatigue, nausea is another of the most common pregnancy symptoms. While nausea associated with pregnant is usually referred to as "morning sickness," it is an all-day struggled for many pregnant women.

A woman's sense of smell is usually heightened, and she is quickly nauseated. It often smells a woman found pregnant before she was pregnant become very unpleasant during a pregnancy.

A pregnant woman will often experience strong aversions to foods as well; sometimes even her favorite foods will be undesirable. Accompanying food aversions are also strong craving for foods.

Some believe the cravings are indicative of what the woman's body needs to continue growing a healthy baby, but this is not always the case.

Because of the hormonal changes taking place, irritability and mood swings often accompany pregnancy as well.

Women who are usually even-tempered may find themselves much more easily brought to tears, anger, or frustration.

Unlike other pregnancy symptoms, mood swings may last for the duration of the pregnancy instead of ending around the end of the first trimester.

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