Pregnancy Symptoms in The First Month

Pregnancy Symptoms in The First Month

The pregnancy symptoms in the first month can be very confusing for the to-be-mother. She might experience some symptoms and may merely overlook them because she thinks that it's just PMS! It is where we come in to help you out! Understanding the symptoms o pregnancy in the first month will let you realize that you are pregnant even faster and allow you to take care of yourself better.

There is a strange thing about counting your pregnancy date. The reason is that the time that you conceived on cannot be known. Instead, your term is calculated counting from the first day of your last period. So, funnily, the day that you conceive, you are already two weeks pregnant! So, when we talk about the first month, we are talking about the first four weeks of your pregnancy, which is up to the date that your periods are due.

By their first month of pregnancy, most women will experience at least one symptom of pregnancy. Some women may experience even more! The problem with the pregnancy symptoms in the first month is that they may be the exact symptoms that you get while you are going through your PMS. The only way that you can ascertain your pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test either at home or a doctor's clinic.

The following signs and symptoms may start as soon as a week since conception or may even take a little longer to appear:

  • Implantation Bleeding: This sign of pregnancy may not take place in all women. Some researchers show that only 2 in every ten women have implantation bleeding. It is the first symptom of pregnancy. This bleeding takes place when the fertilized egg tries to attach itself to the uterus. At that time, a tiny amount of blood can be released which leads to implantation bleeding. This bleeding is unlike your regular period.
  • Missed Period: This sign will occur to you in the fourth week of your pregnancy. You have just conceived about two weeks back, and now, instead of having the menstrual blood flow out of your body, it stays inside forming the lining of your uterus and feeds the baby, as it grows further. Having no period all through pregnancy can be such a relief! Some women might get period all throughout their pregnancy, but it is quite uncommon for this to happen.
  • Fatigue: Feeling quite tired nowadays? You might be pregnant! Yes, fatigue is a ubiquitous sign of pregnancy in the first month. A lot of women feel very tired and would like to sleep all the time. They feel tired even if they have done no work at all! It is normal to feel this way. In pregnancy, a lot of hormones in your body are going haywire. This running around of your hormones can cause your body to wear down quickly. This symptom of fatigue may or may not wear out further in your pregnancy. The simplest thing to do here is sleep whenever you can, and you will feel a little less tired.
  • Nausea: Nausea is also referred to as being 'morning sickness.' Don't be fooled by its fancy little name! This sickness can come to give you a surprise visit anytime during the day! For that matter, even during the night! You might just wake up out of your sleep because you feel like you need to vomit. It is not compulsory that you vomit, but this feeling of being nauseous all the time can get to many women.

Each woman has a different individuality, and so, her pregnancy will differ from other women. Her first pregnancy may change from her second one too! Thus, a lot of women tend to have different kinds of pregnancy symptoms in the first month. You may have sore breasts and dark nipples, frequent urination, food cravings, all of these or none of these at all. But don't worry, just take good care of yourself, and you will be fine. Good Luck!

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