Pregnancy Symptoms But a Negative Test Result

Pregnancy Symptoms But a Negative Test Result

When you have all pregnancy symptoms but a negative test result, you must be wondering what on earth is going on here! Could I be pregnant? Did I take the test wrong? Is something wrong with me? Well, it could be any of these or none of these at all! We know that it is confusing, but conception is not an easy game!

You probably have sore breasts and have been having fatigue tailgating you for some time now. But, when you pee on the stick, it tells you that it's negative! Can be quite irritating, especially if you have been trying to conceive for a long time. If you still think that you are pregnant, the chances are that you must not have taken the test correctly or at a correct time! Just take care of these guidelines, and you can understand what exactly may be going on with you:

  1. The best time to take a urine pregnancy test is in the morning. There is a hormone in your body known as the hCG hormone. This hormone is also referred to as the pregnancy hormone. When you pee on the stick, it detects the levels of this hormone in your urine. So, in the morning, the concentration of this hormone is the highest. Therefore, if you want to get an accurate result, merely use the stick in the morning.
  2. The next thing that you should keep in mind is not over to drink. Just because you want to pee on that stick does not mean that you drink too much water. Doing so can interfere with the results of the test. It will dilute your urine and show an adverse effect on the test.
  3. Take the test on time! It is essential. You cannot just take a test the day after you have had unsafe sex! You need to wait, and patience is the key. As these kits can detect the hCG hormone in your system through urine, you must allow enough time for the hormone to be generated in your body. Even if some test promised you detection as early as seven days before your period, we would suggest you wait further. For the pregnancy hormone to be produced in your body, the fertilized egg must attach and implant itself in your uterus. It is the signal for your body to produce hCG. Every woman has a different shape and every month; the ovulation may not occur on the same date. It can be before or after its regular day. So, patients can be an essential virtue. Ideally, you should wait until the first day of your expected period to take the test. If you get a negative result, then you ready for another week and take the test. If you are not pregnant, your times should arrive.
  4. Calculate your dates correctly. It is essential to know all your dates well. It includes your dates of ovulation. Sometimes, women get so excited about conception that they want to find out about their pregnancy immediately. It is not how it works. You must know your correct dates to conceive. If you have difficulties to see how you ovulate, either uses one of the many ovulation calendars available online or buy yourself an ovulation kit.

If after constant testing, you find that the test results are still negative, you must visit your doctor or OB-GYN to get a blood test. Sometimes, symptoms of pregnancy could be due to other reasons. For instance, you may have nausea, but that may be due to food poisoning. It is always important to see your doctor when you find anything wrong. You may have lots of pregnancy symptoms but a negative test result. Even if you do not conceive of this attempt, visit your doctor to find out why you are having all these symptoms. If you don't conceive, try again this month. Calculate your dates correctly, and it will be ok. Good Luck!

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