Pregnancy Symptoms You May or You May Not Know

Pregnancy Symptoms

What are exactly are the pregnancy symptoms? A couple was trying to have a baby asks. In here are guides for couples to determine indications that the woman is pregnant. As for the early symptoms, it varies among different women, but here are the common ones.

Number one is nausea. It is an excellent early pregnancy symptom as this may come even a week going into the actual pregnancy. Usually, it comes in the morning, hence the term, morning sickness. It can be prevented though by eating light but frequent meals and munching on saltine crackers as told by the doctor.

Another pregnancy symptoms have something to do with the breasts. They become tender, and they get swollen. The areola area is darkened (not to be mistaken for a little hormonal imbalance) and the whole of the nipples get more erect and become extra sensitive. The uterus too gets swollen, prompting the pregnant woman to urinate often. But this is one to be happy about because of the lousy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) she releases during the process.

This one you probably know already – missed period. Be careful though because this is one pregnancy symptom that gets couple confused. With it, comes light bleeding. It occurs during the time of the menstrual period. Some women don’t even think it is a pregnancy symptom. Instead, they think of it as just the start of their term.

Given all the hormonal changes the pregnant woman undergoes, she tends to feel sluggish a lot and gets tired very quickly. And because of the amount of progesterone (female hormone) that continues to circulate inside her body, her temperature is most often than not, higher. Since she gets tired a lot, the woman also feels dizzy most of the time, and sometimes to the point of fainting. Good advice, as already stated is for the woman to eat frequently to help ward off these pregnancy symptoms.

The hormones involved in the pregnancy slow down the digestive system. It is to give optimum time for the absorption of the vitamins and minerals the woman puts into her body. The sad thing is that this pregnancy symptom gets worse as the woman gets deeper into the pregnancy.

Another one of the effects of hormonal changes and also happens to be one of the early pregnancy symptoms has something to do with the woman’s mood swings. She gets irritable a lot. Exercise, a proper diet, and enough sleep will prevent this to happen, at least in the first trimesters as it will eventually diminish in time, from the second or third trimester.

Because of the upward growth of the uterus when it gets swollen, the digestion becomes slower, therefore making the woman-hungry in a short amount of time after eating. She also starts craving for unique food or food that she does not normally eat, maybe even hate. Now, this is one new pregnancy symptom. The acid indigestion causes the pregnant woman to experience heartburn. Also called pyrosis, heartburn is that burning sensation in a person’s esophagus.

There you go. For the husbands, next time your wife does anything weird, a little review of this might just help. Then again it might not be the pregnancy symptoms.

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