Pregnancy Tickers: Anticipating Your Baby’s Conception Can’t Get Any More Fun!

Pregnancy Tickers

Have you ever wanted to share the countdown to your new baby’s conception over the net with your family and friends? Pregnancy tickers are a fun way to do it. These online wonders never fail to capture the countdown as it unfolds right before your eyes. Available on the net at just about every pregnancy website, these timeline-like tools come in free and are a sure fire way to get everyone very excited.

For the cyberphobic though, it might be a little difficult to generate. Like I said, pregnancy tickers resemble a timeline. It has a table that can be customized for the entire countdown (days/weeks/months until delivery day). Once it is constructed, anybody can just operate it as the steps are easy to follow and are really user-friendly. Then you are ready to post it anywhere on your website or send it to emails.

So you go to a pregnancy website to generate a free pregnancy ticker. On the interface, you will see the icon (this represents your baby) that you previously selected on the left side. As your due date draws near, the icon will move to the right until the time that your baby is conceived. You need not worry about the pregnancy tickers not fitting on your page or anywhere on the net. It is so small it can fit the bottom part of your blog or email.

The first thing you need to do is to choose the pregnancy ticker ruler and the pregnancy ticker slider. You will also be asked to put on your due date, and then you are given the pregnancy ticker code. You will need to insert this code into the program that you chose to use. For some pregnancy websites, there are ready HTML codes for you to use when posting on other websites. Other pregnancy ticker sites provide a BBCODE if you wish to post the pregnancy tickers on forums that do not use HTML, and for ezBoards, there is the EZCODE.

Some pregnancy websites offer to give you a more interesting interface. They have background and font customization options that are readily available and are just as easy to control. For some, you can also add in personal messages – how’s that for complete customization?

So you want everyone to see your small man/woman? Well, his or her ultrasound image, at least. You can actually have them uploaded! This will then be the background of your pregnancy tickers. Of course, there are those who prefer to have the gender of their baby to come as a surprise so they will leave it blank. All of these add to the fun of making a pregnancy ticker — and of course for your baby, the star of it all.

So you’re all set. The brewing anticipation for the conception of your baby is now presented in the pregnancy tickers. Ah, that wonderful day when you will first lay your eyes upon your newborn wonder. And when the baby finally comes out, please send my kisses.

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