Pregnancy Tips on Diet for a Healthy, Cute Baby

Pregnancy Tips on Diet

Following the most common pregnancy tips on diet, that is essential for every woman who is about to be a beautiful mother in just some months. For a woman, pregnancy is the most incredible journey of her life that makes her experience some very distinct physical and mental changes. However, it is up to her to ensure that these changes have a positive impact on her as well as on her cute baby. This is only possible if the would-be mother has a thorough knowledge about pregnancy and baby care. One of the ways to obtain this knowledge is to go through some pregnancy tips for having the right kind of diet, which every woman must follow. So, let’s take a look at some most basic but vital tips.

Pregnancy Tips on diet: The Dos

During pregnancy, it is suggested to eat a variety of nutritional foods daily so that your baby is well developed in your womb, which is listed below.

  • Have 7 to 11 servings of whole grains, 2 to 4 fruit servings, three servings of proteins foods (ideally nuts and cereals), and 5 or more servings of vegetables.
  • Have a minimum of 3 servings of iron-rich items daily such that you obtain 27 mg of iron daily (washed green leafy vegetables).
  • Include 0.4mg of folic acid daily for avoiding baby’s neural tube defects (dark green leafy vegetables and legumes), like this one of the most ignored pregnancy tips to be followed.
  • Have a minimum of 4 servings of calcium products to obtain 1000-1300 mg of calcium daily (pasteurized dairy products).
  • Include one rich source of Vitamin C such that you get over 70 mg of it daily (oranges, broccoli, strawberries, papaya, and cauliflower).
  • Have one good item of Vitamin A on alternate days, as much of it can inflict fetal problems (carrots, spinach, cantaloupe, and pumpkins).
  • Include prenatal vitamins and minerals after consulting your doctor.

Pregnancy Tips on diet: The Don't

It is vital for a would-be mother to maintain a healthy as well as balanced diet. Usually, it is suggested that during pregnancy, a woman must consume at least 300 more calories on a daily basis. This is certainly because she also has to feed the baby in her womb.

Most women are aware of the fact that the right diet plan plays a vital role in maintaining the health for both, the mother and the baby in the womb. However, what they do not know is about certain foods or beverages that are supposed to be avoided during pregnancy. Here is the list of those foods along with the risks that they carry.

  • Soft and blue cheese, as they carry the listeria bacteria that can result in miscarriage, stillbirth, and diseases in the new born baby
  • Oily fish in excess amounts, as it has high levels of mercury that can harm the developing nervous system of your baby.
  • Raw fish and sushi, as they can inflict infections and can harm the fetus.
  • Raw or not fully cooked eggs, as they contain the salmonella bacteria that can lead to food poisoning, cramping, dehydration, and abdominal pain
  • Seafood and pink meat, as it can also inflict food poisoning
    Caffeinated, soda, or alcoholic products, as they can inflict severe congenital disabilities and miscarriage although having them up to 300mg a day is fine
  • Saccharin products, as they tend to cross the placenta for residing in the fetal tissue; but using other FDA-approved sweeteners such as NutraSweet and Equal is fine

These pregnancy tips on diet tell you what not to have during pregnancy. Let’s now see what is beneficial to include in your pregnancy diet.

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