Pregnancy week after week: 28th week of pregnancy

28th Week of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You just entered the last period of pregnancy, 3rd trimester. You have 13 weeks left on delivery. Your baby now has about one-third of the expected birth weight and would be able to breathe during premature labor, although he still has immature lungs.

What a baby looks like at the 28th week of pregnancy

The fetus, from time to time, trains the breathing movements by which it breathes the amniotic fluid into the airways. It is believed that this helps to mature the lungs. The skin begins to stretch as the fat is stored under it, but it is still red. At the ends of his fingers, he has already hardened nail beds. In the third quarter, he is expecting weight gain.


For male fetuses, a testicle descends into the scrotum, which ends at about 33 weeks. In 97% of newborn boys, the testicles are dropped, with the remaining boys usually completing the route during the first three months. If one or both of the testicles do not come down, it is a cryptorchism that could cause problems in the future. In this case, treatment is coming.

Fetal movements

The babies are alternating with the dormant phase when they move. The space in the uterus is already limited, and the fetus gets more in touch with its body. He plays with an umbilical cord, which squeezes and twists, fits the fists, and occasionally heats.

Fetus size at week 28 of pregnancy

Your baby currently measures from the top to the coccyx about 25 cm, the entire body about 39 cm.The weight has already rolled over the kilogram limit and is approximately 1.1 kg.

Pregnancy symptoms at week 28

Your uterus has now grown so much that it reaches half the distance between the sternum and the navel. The pounding kilograms give you a snag; you can feel clumsy and less moving. You may be worried about rising fatigue and severe painful legs. The third trimester is both physically and mentally challenging, but you have to keep in mind that at your end your baby is waiting for you.

In conjunction with a baby

During the day, you can watch babies' movements to find out his sleeping cycle. Do not be afraid to talk to, hear, and perceive your voice, which can already be discerned. Gradually, the position of the baby is slowly settled, as he does not have much space around him. The limitation of scope also leads to the fact that the baby boy can feel more violent and painful.

Stomach hardening

It is an irregular contraction of the cervical muscles when it is pulled down, and the abdomen is hard to touch. It often occurs in strenuous activities such as housekeeping or fast walking. In such a case, if the contractions are not frequent and robust, it is a regular phenomenon accompanying pregnancy, but your doctor should know it, especially when it comes to rest. However, if it is frequent and painful, seek medical advice immediately.

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