Pregnancy week after week: 30th week of pregnancy

At the 30th week of pregnancy, the baby continues to grow and gains weight by subcutaneous fat. At this point, his body fills most of the uterus volume and reduces the amount of amniotic fluid. Approximately 80% of the berries at this stage take up the position with the head down.

How a baby looks at the 30th week of pregnancy

The skeleton of the fetus is continually strengthening, its final development loses its spine. Furthermore, the brain grows, the lungs develop, and the muscles become. Hematopoiesis was entirely taken over by the bone marrow. From the skins of the baby, the first hair, the so-called lanugo, disappears. It also grows nails, which already reach the fingertips on their hands. On the feet, their development is slightly delayed.

Fetus size at week 30 of pregnancy

The baby currently measures about 27 cm from the top to the coccyx and weighs 1.5 kilograms. Mother's weight gain is presently around 9-10 kilograms.

Pregnancy symptoms at week 30

The urinary bladder pushes you many times a day into the toilet. Sleep disorders can also be worried. If you are insomnia, try a warm milk drink or go to bed with your favorite book to sleep. And if you do not, your body will rest.

Continue to practice

Even if you may feel awkward and immobile, you indeed will not be able to practice. Strengthen pelvic muscles, attend exercises for pregnant, yoga and pilates, go for a walk, swim, just keep fit. Of course, only what your blessed state allows you to do. In group lessons, an ideal trainer is to inform you about the length of your pregnancy, adapt your exercises.

How to Breathe

For relaxation and reduce stress tries relaxing and breathing exercises. Proper breathing will be useful even during delivery to help smooth the course. Different breathing techniques will also teach you in pre-course classes. You can read more in our article.

Trouble with the skin on the belly

It is possible that you have a lot of stretch marks or itching of your skin on your tummy. Both are the regular part of the pregnancy, from which you will relieve yourself if you get the skin correctly. Bet on right moisturizing or hypoallergenic formulations to relieve your skin. During the lubrication, you will also enjoy a pleasant massage.

What's waiting for you

In the next two weeks, an invitation to a third ultrasound fetal screening and a comprehensive blood test will be waiting for you. Blood samples will give you blood counts, antibody determination in Rh-negative women, blood clotting, and antibodies against syphilis.

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