Pregnancy week after week: 32th week of pregnancy

32nd week of pregnancy

The 32nd week closes the 8th month, so the expected date of your birth is eight weeks. Most babies fit at this stage in the birth position, most often head down.

What a baby looks like in the 32nd week of pregnancy

The baby recites the breathing movements and swallows the amniotic fluid that the kidneys process and the liquid is again excreted from the body through the bladder. The urine of the baby is made up of almost water, and the exudates are discharged through the placenta. Breathing movements are rhythmic and do not even stop in sleep. The baby's pink skin is still underlying fat.

Fetus size at 32 weeks of pregnancy

The baby this week measures from the top to the coccyx about 29 cm, the whole body then 43 cm. Its weight is about 1.8 kilograms.

Pregnancy symptoms at week 32

With the approaching end of pregnancy, you're getting worse. You are tired, sore and you have an elephant feeling in porcelain. So do not forget to rest a lot. If you have not started preparations yet, it's time to buy your baby's baby gear. We will advise you on choosing a stroller. Have not you had time to plan a baby room yet? So go ahead!

Weight gain of mother during pregnancy

Your weight gain for the entire pregnancy is about 10 kg at the moment. The kilograms you have taken so far are not just the weights of babies. Breast and uterine growth, a pressure of placenta and amniotic fluid, increased blood and fat, protein and body fluids are also included.

Maternity leave

In this week or the next two, your doctor will write the beginning of your maternity leave. The onset should be 6-8 weeks before the expected date of delivery. You are likely to be relieved of leaving; you will have more time to care for yourself, enough rest, and perhaps you will lose stress. Of course, there are mothers who do not want to leave work

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