Pregnancy week after week: 33rd week of pregnancy

33rd week of pregnancy

The 33rd week of pregnancy starts in the 9th month of your journey. The expected date of delivery is the last seven weeks left, but not much less.

How a baby looks at the 33rd week of pregnancy

The fetus head is already in the right proportion to the body. The skin is pink but still wrinkled. Baby begins to store various minerals such as phosphorus or calcium that are important for bone development. These are entirely developed but so soft. For their hardening, the particular calcium is mentioned. In the intestines of the fetus, there is accumulated so-called soot, the first stool.

Smiling sunshine

Your baby has a vast repertoire of grimace during his development in the uterus. He smiles, frowns, tongues and yawns. It expresses satisfaction and denial of the situation. Some scientists, however, think that they are only reflective movements that will develop entirely when they are born. During this week, the brain grows with a head of about 1 cm.

Fetus size at 33rd week of pregnancy

The baby in this period measures from the top to the corset (CRL) about 30 cm, from the head to the foal is then 44 cm. Its weight is about 2.1 kilograms.

Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 33

The uterus reaches just below the sternum and pushes both the stomach and the stomach. Stomach pressure may cause you to eat smaller portions more often during the day because your stomach is less busy to eat more food. Other side effects of digestive system discomfort are constipation or heartburn. Your belly is growing steadily, it is curving forward, and the tension of the abdominal wall causes the formation of sheaves.

Baby Moves

The baby is already big enough in this period, and its movements can be unpleasant or painful. However, it should be borne in mind that baby activity is a sign of good prosperity. If you notice a significant decrease in your child's movements, consult a doctor immediately.

Pregnancy counseling

From the 33rd week, they will invite you to the pregnancy clinic every 2-3 weeks. In checking, you will weigh, measure blood pressure and examine urine. If you suffer from swelling, it will also focus on them. Also included is a vaginal examination to check the condition of the cervix.

Beware of enough calcium.

During the entire pregnancy, care must be taken to eat a variety of nutrients that the baby needs for a successful development. At the moment, it is important to remember the sufficient supply of calcium (milk, poppy) that the fetus needs for solid bones.

Mother versus parental leave

Are you wondering what difference they make? Maternity leave lasts for 28 weeks, starts 6 to 8 weeks before giving birth and you receive so-called maternity benefit, which is a sickness insurance benefit. If you were born twins or more children, the mother takes 37 weeks.

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