Pregnancy week after week: 34th week of pregnancy

34th week of pregnancy

From the 34th week until the end of your pregnancy you will gain about half a pound a week. Part of the activity is already a bit strenuous for you, so do not switch and enjoy your well-deserved rest.

How a baby looks at the 34th week of pregnancy

Because of the limited space, the intensity of the movements decreases, but they are stronger and more coordinated. They can be seen over the stomach. The word also comes with an immune system that develops and is already able to fight some infections. Male testicles should be fully descended.


The bones of the brain part of the skull are not yet firmly connected, which significantly aids delivery. Sometimes they are quite far from each other, and a ligament membrane connects them. Large spaces are bridged by so-called fontanels, ligaments, which are a total of 6, and gradually disappear after birth. Where the bones are close together, there are cranial seams formed there. The seam grows entirely in adolescence, until then they are looser due to the growth of the brain.

Fetal size in the 34th week of pregnancy

The baby is currently measuring about 32 cm from the top to the coccyx and weighs approximately 2.3 kilograms. The fetus removes about two tablespoons of urine each hour into the amniotic fluid.

Location baby

In this week, most children are now rewound with a head down. About 3-4% of children are still upside down, and in this position, they are relieved to birth. Because childbirth is the end of a pelvic riskier than a baby's head first, your doctor may offer an attempt to turn the fetus through the stomach over 50%.

Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 34

It stops being an excellent position on your back, even nausea and a feeling of fainting. All of this is characterized by the so-called inferior vein syndrome, which occurs in the final weeks of pregnancy. It is caused by the pressure of the uterus on the lower vein, in which the flow of blood returns to the heart. More swelling of the limbs can be a cause for you. So stop most of the time and take your breath with your feet up, you will see that you will be relieved.

Other difficulties

With advanced pregnancies, mood swings change again; you may be crying and sad. It does not even cause a backache, fatigue, frequent urination, and digestive system problems. Hemorrhoids may also appear. Some women can harden their tummy, and the room does not even have an irregular Braxton-Hicks contraction.

Insomnia in pregnancy

Although you are probably exhausted at the end of the day and are looking forward to bed, you may not be able to fall asleep quickly or wake up during the night. Sleep problems are often the result of physical difficulties accompanying pregnancy or some thoughts that bombard you before bedtime.

What with this?

You may be worried about childbirth and overthink, or you have unusual dreams. You can also pursue thoughts about postpartum events. In short, you can not turn it off. Therefore, try sleeping rituals before bedtime.

Ritual before bedtime

You can choose from many, so try which one works for you. Relax with relaxing music, relax with a hot shower, relax with your favorite book, drink a warm dairy drink before bedtime. Make yourself comfortable in bed. And just before watching your night do not watch television or any other "blue screen."

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