Pregnancy week after week 35th week of pregnancy

35th week of pregnancy

At week 35, the uterus is at most for the entire period of pregnancy. If the baby was born this week, she has a high chance of survival without any significant complications. The planned date of delivery is five weeks, so it is advisable to prepare a bag in the hospital.

How a baby looks at the 35th week of pregnancy

Lung fetuses are almost ripe. The baby's skin is pink and smoothed by the storage of subcutaneous fat. Baby weight is growing, and increasing fat will help regulate body temperature. Lanugo, the first hair, gradually falls off. With the developing nervous system, the baby is awake longer.

Fetus size at week 35 of pregnancy

Your baby measures about 33 centimeters in the week this week, and its weight is approximately 2.4 kilograms.

Pregnancy symptoms at week 35

The high-lying top of the uterus pushes the surrounding organs, which in addition to digestive problems also leads to breathing difficulties. Sometimes you have to stop walking because you are not breathing. You get big and clumsy, and you sleep poorly, lie and move. The cause of everything is a growing tummy that limits you even in normal daily activities. Do not mind, just a few weeks and welcome your baby!

Preparation for childbirth

Your body is preparing for labor, and the higher weight along with the hormone relaxin causes pelvic bone dislocation, which can feel like tingling or pain in the area. You also feel very tired, so rest is more important than ever. Live dreams and birth concerns can also be haunted by you, which can be spared by honest preparation. What about packing bags into the hospital?

What to do with the hospital

  • Clothes for yourself (bathrobe, nightgown, etc.) and infant for baby, slippers, warm socks
  • Hygienic needs, towel, toilet paper, baby cosmetics
  • Postpartum nappies, diapers for newborns, wet napkins
    2 nursing brassieres, bra pads
  • At least three disposable panties
  • Do not forget: ID card, maternity card, marriage certificate or your birth certificate and declaration of determination of paternity (if you are not a partnered person) and the insured's card.
  • Things for free moments and family connections (mobile, charger, book, etc.)

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