Pregnancy week after week: 37th week of pregnancy

37th week of pregnancy

You start the last lunar month of your pregnancy. The fruit gradually descends into the pelvis, the uterine tops drop, and you breathe a little better. They may also stop you from experiencing digestive problems as the pressure on your stomach decreases.

How a baby looks at the 37th week of pregnancy

While the first hair of the lanugo disappears and drops into the amniotic fluid, the secondary pubic hair, such as the eyelashes or eyebrows, grows stronger. The head of the fetus is covered with sparse hair, which can be up to 2.5 cm long. He began to wipe out a muzzle that now protected the baby's skin. This week, some babies can rewind in the uterus, but still, about 3% of the fetuses remain in the foot-down position.

Baby position

The baby is already tight in the uterus, there are sharp movements, and you feel more like drilling and turning. Space constraints also lead to babies being placed in a space-saving position where they have a bowed head, crooked lower and upper limbs, and arms are crossed on the chest.

Fetus size at week 37 of pregnancy

The baby currently weighs 35 cm and weighs about 2.9 kilograms. He still has to store the subcutaneous fat to keep him warm. It takes up to 15 grams of fat each day. Mother has gained about 12 kilograms this week for the entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms at week 37

With the fall of the uterus, the tip of which returns to the position as in the 8th lunar month, you will be relieved by breathing problems and heartburn. On the other hand, the pressure increases on the bladder with the descent, and you will often go to the toilet, even during the night. Worsening of the legs, varicose veins or hemorrhoids can also be exacerbated. For sure, remove the rings if you start to fingers with your fingers.

Just be fine

Childbirth is almost at the door, so you should have a packed bag in the hospital and a complete birth plan. Rest and stress are also important. Open a book, play a movie or relax with your favorite music. Starting this week, you go to the pregnancy clinic every week.

How do you know your childbirth?

You do not have to worry about not knowing it - your body will let you know. The mucus plug, the burst of amniotic fluid, or a regular and robust contraction, which does not disappear when changing the position or activity and comes every 5 minutes, may occur.

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