Problem with Baby Teeth Decay -The Parent Must Be Care with this

The problem with Baby Teeth Decay - Some babies will have problems in the initial stages of the growth of teeth. They exposed tooth decay even when their first tooth yet complete. Some people know him as nursing caries. Some others refer to it as baby bottle tooth decay. All this damage will make parents feel anxious.

Some disease that caused problems in the baby teeth is the too acidic condition in the mouth so that bacteria can develop very quickly. Acidic conditions and these bacteria cause the baby teeth become brittle and rot quickly. Some habits that one cause of this problem. Sometimes parents let their children do not fall asleep with your mouth clean or fall asleep while eating. Besides, teeth cleaning habits are not good too resulted in this regard. If you are still using the baby sucking, you note and ask her to gargle after drinking beverages other than water.

To prevent this Problem with Baby Teeth Decay from happening note the following points:

  • Avoid lull your baby with a bottle or food in his mouth.
  • In the early dentition, the teeth get used to wiping with a soft cloth after eating and drinking.
  • During the meal, accompany your child with water only.
  • Teach them to drink from a cup at an early age; it also helps reduce tooth decay.
  • If they are still using a bottle, fill with water only.
  • Avoid foods that are sticky as sugar and chocolate.

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