Have You quit Becoming Passive Smokers During Pregnancy?

Passive Smokers During Pregnancy

In this article, we will talk about passive smokers during pregnancy. Pregnant women feel that they never smoked, so no need to worry about problems caused by cigarettes in pregnant women and the fetus. Though often pregnant women are not aware of the dangers of indirect cigarette in active smokers, even in passive smokers will have the same effect on active smokers. Do you know cigarette smoke exposure can affect the development of your pregnancy? Passive smokers are those who inhale cigarette smoke even though he is not a smoker. Passive smoking categories can be experienced by children, adults who are not smoking at all or pregnant women. The content of compounds in cigarettes can poison the fetus in the womb like research done in Washington that compounds contained in cigarettes can cause genetic damage that became the beginning of cancer.

In addition to pregnant women who become passive smokers, exposure to cigarette smoke will cause the fetus disturbed in the growth, the premature death is one of the significant risks during the womb and can also cause illness after the baby was born into the world. Furthermore, the risk of low-weight birth due to cigarette smoke contains harmful substances that can inhibit blood flow from the mother to the fetus so that the nutrients will be hindered. In some cases, passive smokers during pregnancy have found an increased risk of infection, pneumonia, even to bronchitis and in severe conditions will cause death in infants.

You do have to be wary of some environmental influences that cause cigarette smoke inhaled by you. Provide understanding to your family members to reduce health problems to you and the fetus associated with changes in the structure of DNA present in infants that can interfere with the immune system, disrupt the growth of the fetal brain while in the womb and also increase the risk of infants born with the harelip. The importance of maintaining health during pregnancy including avoiding cigarette smoke to sustain optimal infant growth and development, start by making small habit habits to prevent exposure to secondhand smoke,

Here are some ways you can do to stop yourself from exposure to secondhand smoke, passive smokers:

1. Make rules with your family members

During pregnancy, you can make the rules together with your family members. Make a particular smoking room in your home so that the smoke exposure you do not breathe. Arrange the time to smoke your family members so as not to interfere with your rest time. Often exposure to cigarette smoke you are not aware of breathing when you are resting.

2. Give Understanding when in Public Space

When family members have understood the importance of maintaining the health of pregnant women, what you may experience is when in the public sphere. Although now has a new regulation there is a particular area for smokers but sometimes still not realized by them. So when you are on public transport, you often find people who smoke and disturb you, give a subtle reprimand to turn off the smoke because you are pregnant.

3. Work with your office colleagues

When you are in the room with your co-workers, asĀ passive smokers during pregnancy, you can ask them to not smoke near you. Exposure to cigarette smoke will interfere with the development and growth of your fetus. You can avoid it first, or ask for your colleague's understanding.

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