A more sensitive taste at the beginning of pregnancy may surprise you

It also surprised you that some of the foods you could not even see before the pregnancy, let alone eat, suddenly started to taste you incredibly? In this period, smell and taste are more severe. Various changes that relate to taste are therefore excellent. The reason for concern is only when the taste changes can threaten the supply of a balanced diet.

In the early days of pregnancy, some stormy hormonal changes occur. The body of a future mum must adapt to these changes and prepare for pregnancy. It is also associated with various ailments and symptoms of your other condition. These include classic nausea, mood swings, flushing, and very often different tastes. At the beginning of pregnancy, a more sensitive taste can surprise you.

Do you have any particular tastes?

Very often, change of appetite causes desire for sweets, dairy products, salty and spicy goodies or acidic. That's why mums are just pouring ice cream, pickled vegetables, tomatoes, lemon, cheese, chocolate. On the contrary, they often refuse meat.

Different combinations of meals, such as cucumbers wrapped in cheese slices, are common. Future moms are often interested only in some types of snacks, such as pickled onions, marinades, and peaches.


An extraordinary manifestation of the change in taste in pregnancy is the so-called pike, a disorder affecting the most frequently pregnant women and young children. Appetite appeals to things that are not food (clay, paper, coal, plaster, soap, laundry powder, flour, starch, etc.). However, these passions may endanger the health, and moreover, they often signal the lack of some nutrients in the diet. The body can also fight infection, and in the extreme case, it is a manifestation of a mental disorder.

Why do you want a particular meal?

Experts do not have a clear answer to this question. There are several possibilities.

Hormones - the effect of hormones on taste changes is apparent, as evidenced by the fact that these changes also occur in women in transition. There are also specific foods on which they suddenly have a taste and those that are resent.

Lack of some ingredients - different particular tastes can mean the desire for missing substances in the body. The passion for pickled vegetables means little sodium, and chocolate is associated with vitamin B deficiency.

Moods and sensitivity - The feeling and state of mind are often related to food intake. That is why you can feel the sudden desire for different foods as well as your emotional needs. Many women have a taste for food that reminds them of their childhood roots because pregnancy awakens nostalgic memories.

Disease - Changes in taste can also be a symptom of some common illness. Morning sickness and a feeling of vomiting may also cause resistance to some foods, and at the same time, they may be the reason why you are eager to get rid of unwanted things (said pike). E.g., soda soothes an irritated stomach, coffee, alcohol or fried food can make your stomach upset.

How can you replace healthy food with unhealthy food?

Very often pregnant women have the tremendous appetite for food that is not very healthy. But most foods can be replaced by a healthier option. Try replacing ice cream with frozen yogurt, which will give you enough calcium. You can replace chocolate with a skimmed chocolate topping and pour over fresh fruit. Refresh spices and goodies for dried fruit or fresh tropical fruits. Eliminate fried potatoes and prefer nuts, almonds, sesame sticks, etc.

If you have a sour taste, sprinkle fresh lemon on a salad or fish and omit the needlessly sweet lemonade. If your desires are oriented to the non-eating things as we mentioned, definitely resist them. Consuming such things can damage not only your health but also your child. If you have annoyed your desire and could not get rid of it, talk to your doctor. In this case, chocolate and similar goodies will be better and will divert your attention elsewhere.

How to resist taste at the beginning of pregnancy?

I do not want to resist and just give something useful. It is essential to try to choose somewhat healthier alternatives to those unhealthy. Incorporate tastes of sweet, salty, sour, etc. into your diet so you can satisfy them, but at the same time, your eating has been balanced concerning the intake of sugars and nutrients. Your diet and your pregnancy, in particular, should be as rational as possible.

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