Sex After Pregnancy

The process of childbirth is very painful to a woman. she becomes traumatic because she experiences a type of explosion within her. After childbirth, a woman may not be very eager to continue sex for a period of six to seven weeks. Her partner must be a very understanding person in this regards.

The vagina after childbirth is almost swollen and the cervix is dilated. There are many ways to bring back her sexual urge back to life. She must adopt healthy eating habits and perform exercises like Kegel at least four to five times a day. There are many hormonal changes that take place in her body and therefore the urge for sex is sharply declined.

Problems after childbirth and reason for low sex drive

After childbirth woman faces problems like vaginal bleeding for one or two weeks. the doctors usually advise the woman not to have sex for six to seven weeks because it takes nearly so many weeks to heal the repairs or stitches that are made to her. If the vagina has dried up, then let her use gels to lubricate it.

If she continues sex with her partner and it becomes painful to her then she must visit a physician. A low-dose of estrogen must be applied to the vagina.

After two to three deliveries, due to the decline in muscle tone of the vagina, she may not be physically attracted to her life partner. She must perform Kegel exercises to tone her muscles again.

When a woman starts breastfeeding the baby, then the ovulation in the body increases. She fears that she may become pregnant again and therefore she uses contraceptives. But contraceptives are not suggestible for a woman because it reduces the milk portion of the body and she will not be able to breastfeed her child properly.

If you are looking for a birth control then, you must use only those contraceptives that do not interfere with your breastfeeding. Use contraceptives such as condoms or spermicides.

Most of the woman lose their sexual urge after childbirth because they must spend a lot of time with the new-born baby. They may not be interested in having sex during the nighttime. Therefore they must carry these activities early in the morning.

When she just begins sex after childbirth, she must carry activities such as oral sex, kissing, caressing rather than penetration.

Co-ordination of men with their partners

Most important, the partners must always maintain the interaction and open communication within them. The male should understand his partner from the physiological perspective. If she is suffering from symptoms like PND i.e. Post-Natal Depression, then he must take her to the General Psychiatrist.

It also depends on the moods and mindset of the woman to start her sex life again. If she is ready to begin sex with her partner as early as possible, then it is fine.

If the woman is experiencing dryness in her vagina, then she must not use hormonal tables but she must use gels like K-Y Jelly, Liquid Silk or Pujur.

If a man thinks that his partners are not willing to restart sex, then he can avail help from the following organizations:

a. Couple Counselling Standard.
b. A family Planning Clinic.

If you want to boost your sex drive after the process of childbirth, there are many new ways you can try out. Learn to appreciate the changes that take place into your body. Do not develop a bad feeling about yourself. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of fluids. Along with adequate exercise, enough time should be spent for relaxation. Spend some time of the day alone so that you will revive your energy. Continue your hobbies and let your passions remain alive during this period so that they will give you energy.

Usually, the process of ovulation takes place very quickly after the woman delivers her first baby. The process of ovulation takes place when she is breastfeeding. Hence, in order to avoid the second pregnancy again, she uses contraceptives. But she still wants to have sex after pregnancy. But the use of contraceptives is not beneficial to a woman because it reduces the milk portion of the body and she will face problems to breastfeed her baby. She can use the progestogen tablets but they create ill-effects during the long run. You can use condoms with gel after completing six weeks.

Sex after pregnancy should be resumed slowly. It is advisable to start open communication with each other, then begin oral sex and slowly build up with penetration.

One major reason that leads to low sex drive in a woman is the menstrual cycle. After a delivery period, the woman does not begin her menstrual cycle early. Hence the sex drive within her is also low. Nearly 90 percent of woman does not ovulate in the first period. When she has delivered her baby, she starts breastfeeding her baby. The process of breastfeeding sends an impulse to the brain to stop hormone stimulation. Some woman began their menstrual cycle regularly the moment they stop breastfeeding.

But for most of the woman, it takes more than six weeks to begin sex after childbirth. Whether the woman has delivered vaginally or through C-section, it takes time for her to heal. It takes time for the cervix to close, postpartum bleeding to stop and lacerations or stitches to heal.

When a woman gives birth to two or more children, the muscle tone of the vagina loses the friction of pleasure for sex.

Most of the men complain about a woman about their low sex drive after she gives birth to a baby. Actually, men should understand the woman that she needs to pay more attention towards her baby. The men should wait for her until two or six weeks are complete. For nearly two to six weeks, the woman faces vaginal bleeding. The men should be very patient with his wife and also understand her health conditions. He should console her if she experiences any pain or emotional imbalance during this period.

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