Sexual Maturity – The First Flow

Sexual Maturity

The first menstrual flow (or menarche) as far as the teen concerns represent the benchmark of her femininity. Aside from carrying the claim for sexual maturity, this plot conveys all sorts of high emotional streaks.

None the less, very little if anything is said to the girls about this biological pattern which possibly repeats itself in and around four-hundredth times in their lives.

Long before they begin to menstruate, the girls find themselves longing for it and likely to share emotional traits in common. In which point linking to the sexual phenomenon, included individual characteristics.

Such expectancy threshold could be latched on to the stage of harnessed sexual growth which precedes the first menstrual flow. Better yet, to the long preparatory phase of the woman into femininity. It doesn't matter if she didn’t get clued up in a wrong way, the first onset of menstrual flow will trigger psychological kickbacks rather noticeably. There would come out through significant changes in her behavioral pattern. And so does her sexuality.

By the time she gets her first flow of sexual maturity, she begins to understand further the significance of such profound alterations undergone within her.

From time to time, within the timeframe in which the so-called pre-puberty lies, and thus before the onset of menstruation, the girl won’t grow self-conscious yet. All the way around takes pride in being a woman, looks forward to the enlargement of her breasts, fills up a bra with rags and brags about it to her old peers. She does not fully understand what’s going on and where she could fit in. Her first flow reveals to herself such significance and brings forth self-consciousness. If already existed, it would get confirmed and amplified from this moment onwards. Before menstruation, she could see herself as an unsexed being somehow. However, after the first inflows, the mother and aunties would whisper in a somewhat mockery way – “now you’re a lass already.” Therefore, from a cultural standpoint, the onset of the primordial flows bears, by the way, the significance of an event which sets apart the switching of two stages in the woman’s life, from a child into a teen.

The teen goes against it in a somewhat peculiar way within each phase of puberty. So, for instance, the first flow ensues when she remains psychologically in pre-puberty, the genital bleeding is regarded as some excreting purpose.

The perception that deems menstruation as naughty somehow stems from some old wives’ tale. Speaking of which, all derive from the body’s lower cavities, in such way that the girl winded up by feeling “dirty” and undermined like.

In case she still depends on quite a lot of others for her hygiene, the care that takes menstruation might get viewed as overburden. In other words, some tedious drill imposed by the grown-ups, like the hands rinsing, or having a shower or getting change.

Apart from the lack of guidance, stick out in our culture those old misconceptions which lead the girl to put menstruation down as somewhat dirty and shameful, about which never to say a word.

However, in sexual maturity, the parents should give their best so that the daughters may go through it feeling-like laidback and well-aware.

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