Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

You begin noticing some signs of pregnancy before a missed period. Yes, that is true! When you ask women about signs and symptoms of pregnancy, the one that will be on the first list would be of a missed period.

By the time you realize that you have missed your period, you are already four weeks into your pregnancy! Here are some of the symptoms and signs that you will find help to identify your pregnancy well before time:

Nausea: This is one recognized by many women as being one of the first symptoms of pregnancy for them. This symptom is not pleasant at all (for obvious reasons!). This nausea experienced during pregnancy is also referred to as 'morning sickness.' When one says morning sickness, most women instantly think about vomiting. However, this is not completely true. Morning sickness may occur in pregnant women when they may have the urge to vomit but may not necessarily vomit. Despite the name being 'morning' sickness, this symptom has a mind and clockwork of its own and can come to surprise you at any point in the day, including the night! It is essential that not all women experience nausea early. Some women may experience this from the sixth week of their pregnancy, and some may not have it at all!

Tender Breasts: Pregnant women have breasts that are too delicate to touch. You will see quite a few changes in your breasts such are swelling and soreness. Some women say that this is a very classic symptom of pregnancy and can make women slightly uncomfortable. If you are pregnant, your breast might become so tender that you could have a tough time putting on your bra! You will also begin noticing quite a few changes in your nipples. The dark areas that surround your nipples are known as your areolas. The areolas will become more mysterious than what they usually are. They will also start growing larger in order help the newborn baby find them easily. Your breasts and nipple will start coming back to becoming normal after the birth of your baby.

Changes In Your Basal Body Temperature: If you have been charting your ovulation with the help of your basal body temperature, this will not be very difficult for you to identify. Your basal body temperature rises during ovulation. The temperature continues to be at this level until after your period. If the egg does get fertilized during this time, you may expect an increase in your basal body temperature varying from half a degree to one whole degree. To measure your basal body temperature and these slightly varying differences in temperature, you need a very precise thermometer, preferably a digital thermometer.

Fatigue: If you have had a long day of work and you feel tired, that is understandable. After all, you have worked all day long, and your body needs some rest. It is your body's way of replacing your lost energy and healing your body. During pregnancy, the hormone called as progesterone will rise dramatically. This rise in hormones will make you tired even if you have not done anything in the day. You may want to hit the bed regularly and before you realize, the day would be over. Fatigue is a sign of pregnancy before missed period. It often occurs during the earlier stages of the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Constipation: Yes, we know that it is not something that you would like but pregnancy can give you illness. Blame this on progesterone (again!), but it can cause your entire body to go in a relaxed mode where different parts of your body can slow down and begin taking it easy, like, your digestive system. Being constipated can be a sign of pregnancy before the missed period; don't overlook it!

If you are experiencing any of these signs of pregnancy before a missed period, we suggest that you run to your local pharmacy and buy yourself pregnancy detection kit. The little positive sign may be on its way! Good Luck!

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